Photography has never ceased to amaze, inspire and influence its viewer. That includes photos of the wild. These animals may look fierce but there’s just the beauty there is in the wild part of the world that we either study about or just simply look at. To some, Photography is a passion, to others, it’s a hobby but whatever it is to you, to us or to everybody else, a single has to mean something. It has to have life even beyond what the lenses can see. Tigers being our subject for today are one of those endangered. They look fierce, strong and even dangerous and so we look at them through the magnificent shots that was made possible by talented photographers.

Tigers may be dangerous because of their fangs but let’s look at their different angles and notice how beautiful they can be too. Enjoy clicking through these 33 Fierce Tiger Photos and feel free to try out your luck in Photography of the Wild.

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Tiger Andyrouse

Strong Looking Tiger Picture
A photo of a Siberian Tiger in snow.
Image: wildmanrouse

Stealth Tiger

Fierce Looking Tiger Picture
This Amur Tiger is named Mikhail.
Image: NaturePunk

Tiger Andyrouse

Attractively Taken Tiger Picture
Another shot of the Siberian Tiger in snow.
Image: wildmanrouse

Tiger Face

Nice Tiger Picture
This photo was taken in Jungle Cat World Zoo.
Image: 8TwilightAngel8


Pityful Tiger Picture
The photo was captured using a Canon EOS 400D Digital.
Image: LordMeltdown


Cool Tiger Picture
The photo was taken at Palm Beach Zoo.
Image: bestartist.lee


Amazingly Taken Tiger Picture
A tiger’s photo cooling off.
Image: PrimalOrB

Tiger Stare

Smoothly Taken Tiger Picture
A glaring taken at the Woodland Park Zoo.
Image: omegach


Awesome Tiger Picture
A Canon EOS 300D Digital captured this photo.
Image: Sharmos

Creeping Tiger

Intriguing Tiger Picture
A Canon EOS 40D was used in taking this photo.
Image: Niroj


Thoughful Tiger Picture
A photo of a tiger in Kanchanaburi, Thailand.

Sumatran Tiger

Sincere Tiger Picture
The photo was taken using a Sony DSLR-A100.
Image: .davesmith


Angry Tiger Picture
A Nikon D2X was used to capture this Tiger’s fierce photo.
Image: painteddog

Snoger-Eye of the Tiger

Meaningful Tiger Picture
This photo was taken at Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
Image: Fotorix Studio

Eye of the Tiger

Very Nice Tiger Picture
A stunning photo giving emphasis of the Tiger’s eyes.
Image: Michael Pancier Photography

Sumatran Tiger

Strict Looking Tiger Picture
The smallest in the tiger family are the Sumatran Tigers.
Image: .davesmith

Sumatran Tiger 3

Curious Tiger Picture
This photo was taken at the London Zoo.
Image: andy1349

Minnesota Zoo – Amur Tiger

At the Wild Tiger Picture
This was taken at the Apple Valley, Minnesota, US.
Image: SkyWildPhotography

A Tiger

At the Wild Tiger Picture
A Canon PowerShot S3 IS captured this meaningful tiger moment.
Image: fennecx

Sweet Sweeter Baby Tiger

Pretty Tiger Picture
This photo was taken at the Zoo Ostrava in Czech Republic.
Image: woxys

Tiger 01

Attractive Tiger Picture
This was taken in Si-Racha Tiger Zoo in Thailand.
Image: derSheltie

White Tiger

Attention Grabbing Tiger Picture
This adorable shot was taken at the Singapore Zoo.
Image: Phil Dao

White Tiger

Worth Posting Tiger Picture
A Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi captured this tiger close-up shot.
Image: Ray Chiarello

Tiger Lullaby

Really Eye-Catching Tiger Picture
An inspiring photo of a sleeping tiger.
Image: pixely

Tiger Baby Portrait

So Nice Tiger Picture
The tiger photo aims to push its goal for tiger conservation.
Image: miezbiez

White Tiger

Very Cool Tiger Picture
A white tiger at the Singapore Zoo also known as Singapore Zoological Gardens.
Image: NEcrOMAnCERDEmon

WaterTiger Cooling Off

Fantastic Tiger Picture
A Siberian Tiger taken using a Canon EOS 50D.
Image: WhiteSpiritWolf

Amur Tiger Baby

Pretty Amazing Tiger Picture
This photo was captured in Rosamon Gifford Zoo in Syr. New York.
Image: cindy1701d

Baby Tiger: Ready for Bath

Engaging Tiger Picture
The baby tiger is from Zoo Bratislava, Slovakia.
Image: woxys

White Bengal Tiger: A Good Guy

Inspiring Tiger Picture
The White Bengal Tiger is named Achilles.
Image: JoLiz

Tiger Eyes

So Amazing Tiger Picture
This tiger photo was taken at the Auckland Zoo.
Image: Light Knight

Tibor the Tiger

Indeed Nice Tiger Picture
Tibor is a Sumatran Tiger at the Edinburgh Zoo.
Image: Shadow-and-Fflame-86

Tiger Tony

Sad Yet Nice Tiger Picture
A Kodak Z612 Zoom was used to capture this photo.
Image: GlossyEye back from Punta Cana

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Tiger Photography is just as awesome, isn’t it? After seeing the photos above, will you already consider trying to shoot for your own photos of tigers in the wild? Which tiger picture has influenced your emotions today? Feel free to share what you think with us.

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