When you are into designing, you would need to possess some skills which are needed in order for you to succeed. Whether you are working in a design company or you are freelancing, the skills you need to learn are still the same. We cannot deny it that there are really some requisites that could pave the way to reaching your goals as a designer. These things should be part of your getting-ready-list when you have opted to be a designer.

Certain skills can be improved each day. But there are also some skills that you really need to work out for it is so valuable for work. One of the essential skills for a design business or a design job is having good listening skill. This might be something that you just take for granted but you could only be unaware that having good listening skills could help you a lot. Here are the reasons why you need good listening skills.

1. You can learn new information through listening.

You can learn new information through listening
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Aside from reading and doing various researches, you can also learn a lot from listening. There are even new things that you can learn by merely listening. Conversations from other people could be a good source of learning but it doesn’t mean that you could eavesdrop. Learn from healthy conversations and not from nasty ones. You can also use your listening skills during seminars and workshops wherein eloquent speakers will share valuable new things about design. You can also brainstorm with friends and fellow designers and listen well to what they say.

2. You can find it easier to get along with others.

You can find it easier to get along with others
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When you are a good listener, you can see that it would be much easier to deal with other people. This is because you can understand each other really well. Listening is an important factor in building good relationships with people. So, if you have good listening skills, it would be a lot easier to go along with your peers, co-workers, family and even your clients.

3. You can avoid misunderstanding.

You can avoid misunderstanding

From misunderstanding roots other undesirable things. Many relationships are ruined just because of this. So, see to it that you are able to listen and understand well what the other person is talking about. This way, you can make sure that you will perfectly get what he or she is trying to say and not interpret it as otherwise.

4. It is essential for business success.

It is essential for business success
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No business will ever succeed if there is no good communication. Part of this communication is one’s ability to listen. When one learns to listen well, a business is bound to succeed. There is always communication in the workplace. Regular meetings are conducted wherein each one should listen attentively to the instructions and other important matters for the development of the company. Encourage your co-workers to adopt active listening.

5. You can get the right design specifications.

You can get the right design specification

As always, you have to make it a point that your design projects are successful. This can only be done if you have taken note of the right design specification from the clients. That would be easy if it is sent to you through email but when you are merely discussing it, it would be a different story.

6. You can easily deal with client issues.

You can easily deal with client issues
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Client issues are something that you cannot do away from because it really exists in business. When you are able to listen well to what your client is saying, for sure, you could settle the matter at once. You will also be able to find the right resolution for it because it is clear to you on what is the cause of the problem. This way, your client will be impressed that you can easily handle this kind of situation.

7. You can interact with others effectively.

You can interact with others effectively
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Communicating and interacting with others is an important thing in our everyday life. It is even more valuable especially in business. When you can effectively interact with others, you will also find it easy to deal with different kinds of people merely by listening to what they say. This can surely help you succeed.

8. You can close deals easily.

You can close deals easily
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Listening can also be a key to close contracts and deals. Clients would like to do business with those who are good listeners. This means that you could get what they say and they do not need to be repeating things over and over again. Also, when they see your output and everything they wanted is there, they will surely be impressed and would even opt to do more business transactions with you.

9. You can determine what the client wants.

 You can determine what the client wants
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If you can listen carefully to what your prospect client is saying, you can easily get what he really wants for the design project. Hence, you can offer them what they really want. They will surely be glad that you got what their desire is even if they did not dig much into details. You can get the project if you are a good and smart listener.

10. You can build relationships.

You can build relationships
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Being able to deal with people and being able to get along with various personalities is a good thing. This can greatly help you as a person and to your business, too. Having a good ear for listening is another factor that can help you build good relationships. Whatever kind of relationship it is, you will succeed because every person always wanted to be listened to. Having good relationships can make you more inspired, motivated and happy.

It’s Your Turn Now

No doubt, listening skill is indeed important. It is valuable to develop yourself as an individual and it is also a great help to the business. If you do not have good listening skills, there is a great chance that you won’t be able to get good projects regularly. So, always be good at listening as well as in communicating to others. Do you have something in mind that could be a perfect addition to the list? It’s your turn to tell us.

Ebrian Acebedo

About the author: A Licensed Medical Practitioner who apparently likes web design and business.


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  3. The list is already a perfect one… I just hope readers will put this in their hearts. It’s for them.. for us anyway.. 🙂

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