Clays are one of the materials that are played by children that help them to bring out their own creativity. With it, they make various figures and materialize whatever their imagination dictates. But give clay to a professional artist and be prepared to be amazed. Here we have found an artist that transforms clay into various figures that you’ll surely appreciate.

Joseph Barbaccia is a graphic designer from Washington, DC who creates beautiful illustrations, figures, and typography with the use of polymer clay. By mixing colors of clay in strands, he is able to make portraits of Obama, Lady Gaga, and more. Scroll down and check them all out below. Come, take a peek, and enjoy!

Making A Point
barbaccia illustrations point

joseph barbaccia teddy illustration

Cal Chameleon
chameleon illustration barbaccia

Raven Steals The Light
raven illustration joseph barbaccia

Even Monkeys Fall From Trees
joseph barabaccia monkey

dragon barbaccia illustrations

Exercising You Buddha Nature
Buddha illustrations barbaccia

Fighting Cocks
cocks illustration barbaccia

animal illustrations joseph barbaccia

barbaccia bukowski illustration

Hillary clay illustration barbaccia

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize
benedict illustrations barbaccia

Obama joseph barbaccia

terror joseph barbaccia

Lady G
lady gaga barbaccia

Happiness Is Never Perfect
tom waits barbaccia illustrations

johnny depp barbaccia artworks

Kiss Me, Fat Boy!
kin jong barbaccia artworks

typography clay barbaccia

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