Of course, when you start a business, the next thing that will come to your mind is how to make it big. No one would want to have a business which remains the same from the start. There will always be growth if you do the right thing. So, whether you are a freelance graphic designer or you have your own company, both of you would aim for growth in your business.

In this article, we will give you 11 tips to help you grow your design business:

1. Use social media sites.

social media sites
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These days, we can connect with people from anywhere around the globe through social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, Delicious and many others. You can take advantage of this to introduce your business and your services.

2. Market your field of specialization.

field of specialization
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Since each designer has his own specialty, you can start by marketing on that specialty. It is a particular field where you are most confident at. After doing that, you can expand to other design services already. Clients will be more pleased to see that your business is already expanding and is offering more services for them. For example, if your specialty is designing business cards, you start with that. Then, as time goes by, you can begin adding other services like web designing and others. Also, if the client ask you to do something which you know, then do it or you can offer those services to them, too.

3. Have an updated online portfolio

have an updated online portfolio
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Make sure your online portfolio is updated all the time. There might be new projects that you would like to post or other new stuff that you could add to your portfolio. Be sure that your latest work is seen there so that clients could see that you are still active and you are doing lots of project. This will make them think that you are a good designer since many people availed of your services.

4. Send an online newsletter.

online newsletter
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You may also make your own newsletter. This could serve as a reminder to people that you still exist and that your business is still running. Make it regular. Include recent projects to your newsletter and put a link to your website. It doesn’t have to be lengthy; it only needs to be informative.

5. Use business cards.

 Use business cards
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Have a business card that is worth keeping. This will not only remind your client about your company but this will also be another way to produce more clients for they will be referring you to their friends through your business card. This will be passed from one person to another.

6. Prepare your sales pitch.

prepare your sales pitch
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You have to know what to say to prospect clients especially if you are given limited time. You should be able to talk about your business in a few seconds anywhere you can find a prospect client. And, always bring your business card with you.

7. Offer free consultations and speak for seminars.

free consultations and speak for seminars

Free consultations are great steps to introduce your business. Or you can accept invitations to speak in seminars. This might not bring in clients at once but this is your first step. Give away business cards and you’ll soon have a call from a new client.

8. Join online conversations.

Be confident with your design
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While you are using social media sites to market your business, try looking for forums where in you can join conversations and answer questions. There are many design sites that you can visit. This will make you known as a designer.

9. Connect with friends and former clients.

Connect with friends and former clients
Image: Eduard Titov

Always see to it that you have established a good relationship with your clients. Clients whom you have done good work with can refer you to other people. Also, your friends and old acquaintances could help you.

10. Ask client to still work with you.

Ask client to still work with you
Image: foxnomad

After a project, you can tell a client that you were pleased working with him and you are still willing to work with him for other projects. You can ask for a feedback or a testimonial from the costumer which you can place in your portfolio. Also, tell them you will appreciate it if they refer you to other people who might need your services, too.

11. Brainstorm new ideas for your business.

Brainstorm new ideas for your business
Image: PerformImpact

You can think of other ways to expand your business. You may sit down and list some of them. Others even throw parties to introduce a business. Think of strategies where you can truly gain clients.

Growing your business is quite challenging but nothing is difficult if you are truly determined to do it. You might have other tips to share about growing your design business. Do not hesitate to write in the comment section below so that others will also be inspired with what you have done to your own business.

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.


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