After spending hours and days in front of your computer to prepare for that logo design, you could be ready to present it to your client now. But what should you do to impress your client? What should you do to be sure that your designs will be accepted? Here are some tips that may help you in presenting a logo to your client:

1. Discuss the design to your clients.

Discuss the design to your clients
Image: Gerard Fritz

After making your logo design, make a composition about it. Explain the design well, giving reasons why you placed this and that. It would even be more effective if you explain the connection of the design to the target audience, to the company identity and others. Also, if there were parts wherein you have incorporated the suggestion of the client, then site that in your composition. Your client will be able to appreciate it better if you will discuss the logo really well.

2. Explain color choices.

Explain color choices
Image: maskingtape

The colors you use can have a different effect and meaning to your logo design. So, make sure you are using the right colors that would suit the identity of the company. Explain the meaning of the colors you chose to use. The article Things Designers Need to Know about Colors may help you.

3. Have a good visual impact for a good first impression.

good visual impact for a good first impression
Image: Eduard Titov

With the first glance, make sure your client will be impressed with it and will like it even without the explanation yet. Remember that you do not explain to everyone who looks at your design. It needs to have a good visual impact to the viewers, thus, conveying the right message.

4. Preview parts of the logo when needed.

Preview parts of the logo
Image: sergitosuanez

You will only do this if you need to check an image or some part of the logo which the client requested. For instance, the logo above used a rooster. You can let your clients choose various designs of the rooster if it suits his taste and the company.

5. Present different design choices.

Present different design choices
Image: iamcadence

Present three to five design choices based on one theme. This will make the client see that you have worked hard on the project and the fee they are paying you is worth it. But do not make five designs with various themes for this will make it harder for the client to choose. Include variations of the design like how it will appear in black and white.

6. Make your design professional looking.

design professional looking
Image: Alekcahdp

Every logo should look professional especially that it will be used for a business. Although, there are times when clients choose a funkier logo. It actually depends on the business type but still, it should look professional.

7. Show practical logo application.

Show practical logo application
Image: artladz

Your client will appreciate your design if you show him how it looks like when placed in business cards, web site, stationery, T-shirts, pens and other materials. Make the logo “live” in their eyes so they could see that it looks good wherever you use it.

8. Be confident with your design.

Be confident with your design
Image: Eduard Titov

For sure you have gathered all the necessary information you need to make your design. Aside from being positive, be confident with your work. You’ll find it easier to present your design if you are confident with what you have done. Do it with confidence and you’ll never fail.

9. Be patient with your client.

Be patient with your client
Image: Ambro

If your client is pointing out a lot of things in your design, that is okay. You have to be patient and respectful with your clients. Just let him speak and you answer his questions respectfully. Don’t get mad. Have a civilized conversation.

10. Show your willingness to listen.

Show your willingness to listen
Image: goldenray_eu

When you are talking to your client, look him in the eye. And when he is talking, do not look away so that he will know that you are willing to listen to him.

11. Do not debate with your client.

Do not debate with your client
Image: Passive Income

If you client wants something and you want something else, do not debate with him. Instead of insisting on your point of view, you’d better look for middle ground.

12. Accept rejection and suggestions.

Accept rejection and suggestions
Image: Creator Apps

When your client tells you that he wants this instead of that, then do it. But if you don’t find it suitable for the design, you might as well explain it well to him. Remember that the client is the one who uses the design and not you.

The most important thing in presenting a logo is to do your part before the presentation. You have to be prepared for it so you can sell your designs effectively. Also, you need to have the right attitude in dealing with your clients. You can also read 12 ways to Sell Designs Effectively. Do you have other tips to share on how to present you loo design to the client?

Ronald Bien

About the author: A Graphic Designer and the founder of Naldz Graphics. He launched Naldz Graphics to help the Design Community in providing quality design resources and tutorials.


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