We have already showcased a bunch of music-inspired logo designs in the past. This time we have collected guitar logo designs to be specific. A guitar is a stringed musical instrument that produces a distinctive sound when plucked by a finger or a pick. It consists of a body, commonly with a round whole at its center, and a rigid neck at which the strings are attached. Designing a logo with guitar as a theme is not difficult at all as it is already a beautiful piece of art in its own way.

Here are the 30 Beautiful Designs of Guitar Logo for Your Inspiration. Check out this list. Make use of this collection to create your own nice guitar logo designs for posters, desktop backgrounds, etc. Enjoy!

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Rock Ship
Rock Ship logo
A logo design of a rock guitar fuses with an anchor that is perfect for the music, travel and boating industries.

Neck and Body Guitarshop
Neck and Body Guitarshop logo
Another very creative logo inspired by a guitar suitable for a guitar shop.

Guitar Studio
A good guitar logo design.

Grim Rocker
Grim Rocker logo
A unique logo for any music business especially one that deals with rock or guitars.

Andre Matov
Andre Matov
A logo designed for a Jazz musician named Andre Matovs.

Guitarshop logo
A mark suitable for an internet shop on sale of guitars.

Love Strings
Love Strings
A logo inspired by acoustic guitar and it’s strings and is perfect for a Cafe or Restaurant.

Guitar Bar
Guitar Bar logo
A mark designed for a band bar based in Muso.

Rooster Guitars
Rooster Guitars logo
A nice logo design great for a musician, music store, guitar store, guitar teacher, perhaps a bar or club, an open mic event or battle of the bands.

fireguitar logo
A logo design that can be used in any business such as music industry, shop, etc.

Love Accoustic
Love Accoustic
A logo design inspired by a guitar pin with love shaped with a guitar image inside which can be used for music lover, music academy, music community, or anything related to music business.

nrique logo
A logo designed for Bachata singer.

Volt Guitars
Volt Guitars logo
This logo is perfectly suitable for any music business, website, musician, event, or band! Its simplicity allows it to be easily printed anywhere.

Rockin’ up (.com)
Rockin' up (.com)
A mark that is great for nightclub or some hard music event.

Guitar Doctor
Guitar Doctor
A good logo design that is perfect for a guitar repair shop or a luthier.View Source

A logo design that works well as a software icon/brand, a design or recording studio or retail or product branding.

The Edge
The Edge logo
A mark designed for a new channel for music.

Sounds of Maui
Sounds of Maui logo
A creative and artistic mark that is perfect for entertainment business such as cafe or music store, etc.

A logo design suitable for small industries that sell books about the guitar or music, and will also suit for training services to play the guitar or music.

Rockin’ the Tires
Rockin' the Tires
A logo designed for internal promotion of delivery service improvements.

Musicafe logo
A logo design suitable for a cafe with live music.

GT Studio
GT Studio logo
A logo designed for a client.

Guitar Package Pro
Guitar Package Pro logo
Complete guitar packages. Designer Jerron Ames, Copyright, Arteis.

Casa Luthier
casa luthier
A brand symbol for a supplier for guitar manufacturing.

A logo designed for a guitar store.

Logo design for the City of Nashville.

Duncan and Noel Acoustic Duet
Duncan and Noel Acoustic Duet
Used for a musical duet which perform 60s/70s classics.

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