Icons have been of great help to both designers and users especially in this ever developing generation of mobile use. These icons provide an easier communication for viewers to navigate through the website as well as mobile applications and such. But for them to be optimized, they should be strategically positioned on the right places and have an appealing appearance to compensate for their small size.

For those who love the old-aged designs, we have something that you might want to have on your designer collection. Here we have gathered some of the best Vintage and Retro Icon Sets that you can download for free. You can use them either when you’re making a personal design project or just practicing your skills. As with the other freebies, be sure to check license of these resources when you use them. Other than that, scroll down and check them all out below. Come, take a peek, and choose your pick!

8 pastel icons

retro pastel icons
These icons were created by the people of GraphicsBay who made a combination of retro pastel colors and flat design. It offers 8 beautifully designed icons for messages, settings, maps, etc. and can be downloaded in Layered PSD vector shapes.

Free Retro Style Social Media Icons Set

free retro icons
This pack includes 20 social media icons that can be downloaded in PNG format and comes in various sizes (32px, 56px, 128px, 256px). They are designed with old-fashioned colors that boosts a retro effect. Best of all, it is free to be used in your personal or commercial designs.

Free Vintage Flat Icons

vintage flat icons
25 vintage icons that come in EPS, AI, PNG (64x64px) format. Also, they can be scaled to any size and they are retina ready. Last, but not the least, they are all free to be used in personal and commercial designs.

Retro Icon Set

retro icon set
Here is a set that consists of 28 various retro icons that are in monochromatic design and can be downloaded in AI format. Moreover, you can use and modify these icons for any personal and commercial projects.

Retro Candy

retro candy icons
This other icon set was created to look like a hand-drawn design, while adding a texture resulting to a cool retro effect. It consist of of 18 PNG format icons in 200×200 px and can be downloaded and used freely on personal and commercial work.

Retro And Vintage Icons

retro vintage icons
A pack that includes vintage elements that are turned into 50 icons. it consists of old books, radios, phonograph, even an man with monocles. They are only free for personal use.

Retro icons

retro icons free
Here is a set of four 3D and detailed retro icons for contacts, email, telephone, and browser. These icons come PNG, ICO for PC, and ICNS format for MAC (in 16px, 24px, 32px, 48px, 128px, 256px, 512px). These can be used for any personal and commercial work.

Free Baked Social Media Icons

vintage social media icons
These nicely baked social media icons jives well to retro designs due to its brown color and texture. Simple yet attractive, these icons are also perfect for bakery websites or any blogs with old-fashioned looks. You can download them in PNG format (72px) and only use them for non-commercial projects.

Free Flat Icons

free flat vintage icons
This set covers 16 beautifully made flat icons with a classic touch. The icons are free to download in ICO format for PC, ICNS for Mac, and PNG format in 513×513 pixels.

40 Gamy Social Media Icons

classic social media icons
Here is another set of social media icons that are designed with chipped platform and are fine in light and dark backgrounds. The free version will give you 40 icons in PNG format (256px) and can only be used for personal projects.

Retro icon set

retro icon sets
This is another pack that contains line icons of 12 classical elements. It includes led zeppelin, pipe, monocles, telephone, and more. All available in AI format.

Free Icon Set

free classical icon set
This set includes 14 cool classic line icons that show a minimalist design. They can be downloaded in AI format and can be used for any commercial and personal projects that you have.

Rocket Icon Freebie PSD

rocket icon vintage
This is a single icon of a nice rocket logo in retro colors. It can be downloaded in PSD file with the shape layers in 400x300px.

Space Junk Icon Set

space retro icons
This next set includes 14 retro icons of spaceships and orbits. The icons are downloadable in AI format and can be used and modified for any personal and commercial projects.

Vector Film Roll Icon

film roll icons
Here you have a single icon designed as a timeless film roll that you can download as an AI file, and can be freely used for your personal and commercial design projects.

Vintage folders

vintage folder icons
Here is a set of folder icons gorgeously designed with antiquated patterns and elements. These are all dedicated for Mac in ICO files and in 512×512 size. You can use them in any personal designs.

Rough Castle Icon set

castle vintage
A set of icons made to be a bit of a fairy tale, this collection includes wisp/fairy, crowns, castle tower, crest horse, and forest. They are all designed with a grungy, old-age look and can be downloaded in AI format. They are free for personal and commercial use.

Vintage Icon Set

vintage icon set
This other set contains of 17 social media icons, vintage-style. The design consists of social media logos in crumpled paper as if they were already worn out. They are downloadable in PNG format (128×128 px, 256×256 px), and are free to use for personal and commercial design works.

Vintage Icons

flat vintage
Here we have 12 timeless-looking icons combined with flat and long shadow design. They can be downloaded in PSD file where you can rescale at any size. Best of all, they are free for your personal and commercial designs.

Vintage Radio Vector Icons

vintage radio vector icons
This set is all about radios of the past. It includes 10 different designs of icons that can be downloaded in AI and PNG format (256×256 px). These are all free to download, modify, and use for your personal and commercial designs.

Vintage Systems Dock Icons

vintage docks icons
In this set, you’ll have 4 icons of old computers and calculators. They are available in PNG format and 256×256 pixels. If you’re a fan to vintage techs, then you’re going to love these.

Vintage Flat Camera Icon For Ios

vintage flat camera icons
Next, we have here an icon set of three cool camera icons. The free download comes in PNG format in different sizes for each icon (29×29 px, 40×40 px, 50×50 px, 57×57 px, 60×60 px, 72×72 px, 76×76 px); also, they are retina ready.

Princess Folders Icons for girls

princess vintage folders
For the ladies and fashion lovers, this is the set for you! It includes 8 various folder icons in different fabulous designs and can be downloaded in ICO format for PC.

21 free social vintage icons

free social vintage icons
A set of 21 old-looking icon designs that can be downloaded and used for individual designs and/or client works. They come in PNG files and has a size of 64×82 pixels.

Flat Vintage Social Media Icons

free flat vintage icons
Here is another set of social media icons that combines semi-flat design to grunge textures in 32 stamp icons for free. They are available in ICO for PC, ICO for Mac, and PNG in various sizes (32×32 px, 48×48 px, 64×64 px, 256×256 px, 512×512 px).

Free Vintage Design Icons

free vintage icon sets
This is a cool icon set of tools that are used by different designers. It includes 50 icons of various brushes, inks, rulers, and more. These icons can be downloaded as PNG format in various sizes from 32x32px to 256x256px, and can be used for private or commercial works in exchange for a linkback on your credits.

Vintage icons

vintage icons free
For this next set,you have another big set of 50 icons with classic designs. They are downloadable in PNG (48px)and PSD files where they can be rescaled in different sizes.

Roaring 20s Icons

retro designs
This is one huge pack of icons for Mac users. It consists of 137 total icons in different classical elements in the 20’s; and they are all in ICNS format.

Vintage Stamp Dock Icons

vintage stamp icons
This set includes icons of 13 that are designed to look very much like vintage stamps. They are downloadable in PNG format (129×160 pixels).

Oldies Icons

old vintage icons
This other set is comprised of different classic oldies stuffs that are made into icons and in detailed design. These 8 icons can be downloaded in ICO for PC and ICNS for Mac. They can only be used for private designs.

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