There are so many fonts that we can choose from for designs, letters, and for whatever purpose. Handwritten fonts could be one of the choices for your design use. Before the time of computers, people merely use their own handwriting in making posters, announcements, letters and others. Today, everything is done with the aid of the computer but it has adapted the style of handwriting fonts. That is why we could still see fonts like this in logo design, web design and other graphic design outputs.

Although some people don’t like to use handwritten fonts for they look at it as childish and informal, there are still some designers who opt to use it. In this post, we will discuss to you the benefits of using handwriting fonts. Who knows, this might encourage you to try using it in your designs.

1. Handwriting fonts add a personal touch.

Handwriting fonts add a personal touch

Whenever you see a handwriting font, it seems that something is written personally for you. There is a different reaction in receiving an envelope with your name handwritten on it and an envelope with a more formal type of font. Indeed, handwriting fonts add personalization.

2. Handwriting fonts attract the eye.

Handwriting fonts attract the eye

Undoubtedly, handwriting fonts stand out from the rest of the fonts that are commonly used like Arial, Times New Roman, Helvetica and others. It can even make skimmers stop and read what is in the pages when they see some text using handwriting fonts. They’ll be curios on what is written, so for sure, they’ll read it and you’ll successfully relay the message you want readers to know.

3. Handwriting fonts are unique.

Handwriting fonts are unique

Certainly, they are unique. Like every individual’s unique handwriting, these fonts are different from each other, too. Each one has that distinct manner of making curves, swirls and straight lines. Also, each font could convey different messages to the readers and various emotions, too.

4. Handwriting fonts increase readability.

Handwriting fonts increase readability

When you use handwriting fonts, it increases readability for people would surely read what is written. It draws attention to important notes and call to action. This way, readers won’t miss the important information.

5. Handwriting fonts bring up memories.

Handwriting fonts bring up memories

No doubt, when something has that personal touch, it will surely bring up memories to you. The font may look like the handwriting of your childhood best friend and upon seeing it, you could reminisce about happy days you had together. Or it may look romantic to you like the first love card you received when you were a teenager. Indeed, handwriting fonts could bring back the years of post cards and snail mails.

6. Handwriting fonts express an emotion.

Handwriting fonts express an emotion

There are so many handwriting fonts and each one expresses a different emotion. Some may look happy. Some may look creepy. Some may look childish and some may look serious. With every font that you use, it gives a different emotion and impact to the readers. One look at it and there is always something that comes to the mind of the readers even without understanding what is the text yet. Handwriting fonts speak for themselves.

7. Handwriting fonts are effective for logos.

You may not notice it but there are famous logo designs that use handwriting fonts. No doubt that they are certainly effective. Most well known brands in the world use handwritten fonts. The impact they have to the people is indeed good making it effective for branding and marketing.

8. Handwriting fonts are effective for short notes.

Handwriting fonts are effective for short notes

Although handwriting fonts look great, it is not advisable to use it heavily and to use it too much in a design. It won’t be good to use it in long text for there are times that it doesn’t look readable and it is heavy for the eyes of the readers. Hence, it is better to use them in short notes. Choose the right type of handwriting font that is legible and readable enough so that you will not fail to deliver a message to the readers.

9. Handwriting fonts are great for web design.

Handwriting fonts are great for web design

Some websites use handwriting fonts especially in the headers. It is effective for the readers and users can immediately recognize your site. It is also captivating and eye-catching especially if you use great colors. It gives that personal touch of the website owner that makes the site have that friendly feel.

10. Handwriting fonts give the effect that something is happening.

Handwriting fonts give the effect that something is happening

There are posters and websites that use handwriting fonts to demonstrate something. Like the use of arrows or certain announcements or instructions. Some even use it to show discounts for some items or services. They use handwriting fonts to write the discounted amount to have that effect of someone who corrected the previous price with a pen.

No doubt, handwriting fonts could really get the attention of the readers even if it is presented in the computer screen or printed on paper. It still gives a similar impact with the use of real handwritings. If you are not a fan of handwriting fonts, why don’t you consider the benefits it could give you as stated above and try using them?

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.

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  1. In the right place, a handwriting font can be a big bonus – I have a collection of somewhat “schizoid” looking handwriting typefaces for the occasions when I need the text to look slightly unstable.

    Some good points. Thanks for posting Kareen!

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