Having a freelance job is not a mere game or a mere application of skills. It is a business which means that it entails a certain cash flow. When we speak of freelancing, cash flow is important and crucial. This would keep you going in whatever you need in life and would also allow you to continue designing for freelance projects. But since we are in an imperfect world, things really do not always happen the way we want it. When it comes to payments, some clients would let you chase them so they could pay their invoices. What should you do about it?

For sure, chasing down clients is very tiring and appalling. But you are left with no choice, you still do it because you need to get paid for the services you have given them. You can actually get rid of this step by doing the right things on the earlier stage of every transaction. So, today, we will help you how you can get paid faster through 10 tips below. For sure, you will be pleased to know that you can actually get your payments at once by doing these simple tips. Read on and get paid faster!

1. Always have a contract.

Always have a contract
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Every time you enter a new deal, make sure that you will have a contract. Without it, you are putting yourself to risk and you will have no hold on the deal. Your clients will also expect a contract, so do not hesitate to have one. This can greatly help you to collect payments on time. You can also have a schedule of payments so that your client will know when to give a certain percentage of the entire contract job.

2. Offer a great service.

Offer a great service
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When you have done well, your client won’t hesitate to pay you at once. Aside from getting paid fast, there is even greater chance for you to work with this client once again if they could see that you work efficiently and you meet their expectations. So, always give your best in every project that you have. It can let you get paid faster and you will have a better reputation when it comes to designing.

3. Build a strong client relationship.

Build a strong client relationship
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If you think this is not important, then you are very much wrong. When you are into a good relationship with your client, it would be easier when invoicing time comes. You can do this by constantly updating them and communicating with them. This will make them feel that you are really working on the project and they will also feel that there is a good understanding in terms of the project.

4. Know the person who will pay you.

Know the person who will pay you
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This means that before you actually start with the project, you already know whom to contact in terms of payment. It depends on the type of client you have. If it comes from a small business, the client could be the one to directly pay you but if it is from a big company, there would be a certain person tasked to pay you like the accounting or finance department. Make sure you have their names and contact information so you can contact them at once when billing time comes.

5. Consider your payment terms.

Consider your payment terms
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When you have a new deal, you have to make sure that you have arranged payment terms well. That would include how much is the down payment and other percentage of payments to be given at a certain time or at a particular project accomplishment. This way, you can get paid with what you have already accomplished. It is also a way of protecting yourself from clients who doesn’t pay.

6. Be nice and polite.

Be nice and polite
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If you think, this is not necessary, you are wrong. You have to be polite in communicating with your client. Merely by saying “please pay your invoice” or a simple “thank you” would sound good for them. It can also help you get paid faster. It won’t hurt if you will act and communicate politely.

7. Send your invoice faster.

Send your invoice faster
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Simply, you will be paid earlier if you send your invoice at once. The sooner you let the client know that they need to pay you a certain amount, the sooner they will be able to pay you. Always bring a paper invoice or send them an email of the invoice whenever payment is due. You can create fast invoices by using some online invoicing services.

8. Create a clear invoice.

Create a clear invoice
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Your client will not pay you at once if you use words that he cannot understand. Make sure that everything in your invoice is clear and specific. Doing that would make it easier for you and your client to have the same understanding on the specifications of the project. Include those that you have agreed first on the contract and do not place items that are actually not part of your design job.

9. Be sure to have a follow-up.

Be sure to have a follow-up
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Invoices that are sent will not be paid on time especially if you do not follow it up. So, be sure that after sending, you inform the client. Once it is still unpaid, then call again and ask about the status. If not, they might not really process it especially if your client is from a big company. Have a follow-up strategy and keep a record of all your transaction including their responses on your follow-ups. This can help you to track the progress of your transactions.

10. Write letters when needed.

Write letters when needed
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If your client seems to ignore your calls and emails, you can resort to writing them a formal letter. If still it doesn’t work, consult a lawyer and let them write the letter in your behalf. This way, the client could be urged to pay you. But it would really be a big hassle if you get to this point. So, see to it that you have done the things above before you come to this one.

It’s Your Turn Now

Every freelance designer would surely like to get the cash flowing their way faster. This can actually be done through the tips that we have given above. Simply by having good relationships with the client would contribute in achieving your goal to get paid faster. Well, it would really take one’s effort in order for this to happen because we cannot deny that fact that when it comes to payments, some clients are really hard on it. You can take a look at our tips on how to deal with clients who does not pay. How about you? Are you good at invoicing? How long does it take for you to receive payments from clients?

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.


  1. Hi Kareen,

    I would like to add another important point : ” To be Honest in every situation ”

    Again a handy post like previous post. Thanks very much for it and i am a regular reader of your post 🙂


  2. Great article Liez. We help freelaners, small businesses, and professional service firms get paid faster. We are on twitter @getpaidfaster for those who want to maximize their cash flow and profits.

    Kareen, I see you are a Civil Engineer. That is another field in which my company specializes. best of luck to everyone in GETTING PAID for products and services.

    1. @BD Hire: You are right about being honest every situation. That is one way to get the trust of the clients and could even lead to returning clients. Once the clients have trusted you, there would be a big chance for them to pay you at once. Thanks a lot for regularly reading our post.

      @Jason: Thanks Jason 🙂 That’s a great service you have. That would certainly be helpful for everyone who wants to get paid faster. I’ll check on that 🙂

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