Camera is the trend of today’s generation. From digital cameras, Polaroid cameras, smartphones to any other devices, it seems that people can’t live a day without having a selfie or taking pictures of what they eat, where they are, etc. It’s no wonder that there are many apps and companies along with their logos that are created to satiate this demand.

In designing a logo design for personal purposes or client, it would be smart to check out other designs to get a wider view and perception on the area of the design. There are a lot of available logo designs that are all over the internet. However, it could be a laborious task to look for the most creative logo designs that will give you quality ideas that you can use and apply for your design project.

In this post, we take that obstacle away as we have searched the web and collected the coolest Camera Logo Designs. These logos are skillfully designed by various talented designers and are gathered to give you a boost in your inspiration and creativity. Scroll down and check them all out below. Come, take a peek, and enjoy the designs!

Graceson Todd Photography

photography camera logo

Image Imagination

image logo

Fast Shot Camera

shot logo

Photography Logo

photo logo

Camera Logo

cam logo

W photography logo

camera logo


simple camera logo

Fireman Photography

cam photo logo

Tripixy Logo

photography cam logo

Epico branding

camera photo logo

Wedding photography mark

wedding photographer logo

Sweet Memories

cam memorial logo

Lock/Camera Logo

cam padlock logo

Soleil Photography

soleil logo camera

Pr Logo

picture logo

Photography studio in Paris

eiffel logo camera


flat camera design

Secondary Camera Marks

minimal logo

Pigeon Photo

bird logo camera

Photo Bomb!

camera bomb logo

The Food Pornographer

dining logo photography

Dan Photography

photographer logo

Free Travel Photo

camera travel

Photography logo

picture photography

Photo Logo

photo camera logo

Photographer Logo

camera pic logo

Photography logo

camera logo line


photobomb camera logo

CMS Photography

design camera logo

Ph logo

box camera design


sketch logo


design camera logo


school logo design

Natural Photography Logo

camera nature logo


pics camera logos

SUD Photography

camera logo design


green camera logos

Camera illustration

cam illustration logo


deer logo design


studio logo

Rick Wait

flat camera

Photographer Outfits

outfits camera

Coco Captures

logo cam design


logo designs camera

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Mickey Javier

About the author: He is a registered Physical Therapist from the Philippines. He likes designing and photography that's why he takes photos during his wee hours. He's also into motorbikes and breeding Bullmastiffs and St. Bernards.