Photographers are venturing into new fields and different types of photography to create unique and astounding photos. In our previous posts, we have showcased several types of photography, mainly to inspire neophytes and professional photographers alike. To further extend our aim to provide quality posts for freebies, inspiration and tutorials, we have came up with another quality post for our inspiration collection…

A Showcase of Excellent Underwater Photography is provided below to help you get inspired and make your next piece of artwork. The list is composed of 45 underwater photos shot in the different parts of the world by talented photographers. Feel free to check out our short list and be inspired. Start scrolling down and have fun!!!

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lonely fish

Green Sea Turtle

sea turtle

manini-underwater photo

clown fish photo

great white shark photo

white shark photo

White Shark Lurks Photo

parrot fish photo

sperm whale photo

corals underwater photography

Reef Shark Photography

shark family photo

Lemon Shark Photography

White Tip Shark Photo

clown fish underwater photo

red turtle photography

organ pipe coral photo

pillar coral underwater photo

star coral underwater photography

coral tree underwater photography

cute fish underwater photography

red star fish photo

school of fish photo

zebra fish underwater photography

red fish underwater photography

fish clan underwater photography

weird fish photo

Giant Spider Crab Photo

cute parrot fish photo

soft coral photo

fish underwater photography

sea grass photo

armored fish photo

blue fish photo

eel cat fish photo

red eye fish photo

real nemo clown fish

yellow trumpet fish

sea lion photo

cool jelly fish photo

coral yellow photo

jellyfish photography

maroon clown photo

striped eel catfish

Ronald Bien

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  1. The creatures of the water are so beautiful..and the natural tint lighting because of the sea makes these photos so spectacular…

  2. What a stunning collectionn.!!

    These really beautiful. Can´t wait till spring /summer.
    Thank you for sharing

  3. Beautiful showcase. I love using things to create color palettes for projects. You really can’t beat the colors that nature just puts together…

  4. Wow ! these are just unbeliveable….
    I wish I could hold my breath for so long under water to take some shots like this with my kodak !!

  5. Spectacular collections of photos!!

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. Truly Inspiring! I can not wait to take up underwater photography!!

  7. Its very cool. I seen photos like this on exhibition 😉 Great!

  8. i really wanna visit this under water world. Amazing images 🙂

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