Font styles have always been a fundamental factor for every digital designers, be it in web design or graphic design. As long as there are words or even letters in the design project, font styles always have a significant impact on how the result will become. And with this, it is empirical to choose the right one for your specific design.

When it comes to website design, a few factors must be taken in consideration in choosing a good font. One of the most important is that it should be readable no matter the size. The other factors are important as well – pairing, leading, tracking, etc.

To get a good web font, a designer usually spends money to purchase a font license, or spends a lot of time searching through the web, or just ends up creating his own design.

Today, you don’t have to spend either your money or your time. Here we have a collection of free font styles that looks great in website designs. Scroll down and check them out below. Come, take a peek, and choose your pick.


Merriweather is a medium contrast semi-condensed typeface designed to be readable even at very small sizes. It has a combined elements of traditional and modern design and will definitely look great on a website.
free font light
free font regular
bold font
ultra bold
light italic fonts
italic font
bold italic
ultra bold italic


This serif font style is one of the favorites of web designers. It contains 283 glyphs, including letters, numbers, and symbols.
web font style


The Ubuntu font has a contemporary design and contains unique details that display a free attitude. It has a total of 9 different styles, each having 1200+ glyphs.
Ubuntu regular font
italic fonts
bold font style
bold italic design
ubuntu light
light italic
medium design
medium italic
condensed style

Tikal Sans

Here we have a Mayan inspired font style that also works well in websites. The Thin and Black weights are great performers in display sizes the light, regular and medium weights are well suited to longer texts.
sans website font
sans italic font

Bebas Neue

Bebas Neue is an all caps, sans serif font that you can use for titles and other headlines purposes.
all caps font


Lato is a sanserif typeface family that was created by a Warsaw-based designer – Mr. Dziedzic. According to him, he wanted this typeface to “seem quite “transparent” when used in body text but would display some original traits when used in larger sizes.”
thin line
website fonts free
light font weight
regular fonts
medium weight
semibold fonts
bold sfont styles
heavy font
black web font

Myriad Pro

Myriad is one of the currently famous web font due to its great readability and beautiful details. The download will give you 9 OTF files that contain various weights and styles of the font.
pro web font
condensed fonts
semibold design
bold font style

PT Serif

PT Serif is a universal type family that consists of six various styles – regular, italic, bold, bold italic, caption regular, and caption italic. The letterforms are distinguished by large x-height, modest stroke contrast, robust wedge-like serifs, and triangular terminals.
serif font design
italic fonts
bold typeface
caption font
caption italic


Stalemate is a script of vintage origins but still modern flair. This script exudes confidence and carefree attitude and makes a bold statement in any design.
script web font

Gravitas One

The letterforms are characterized by an attention getting and strong contrast between the very heavy vertical shapes and the thin horizontal ones. The contrast of the design means that it will be most useful when set from medium to large sizes.
bold typeface designs

Roboto Slab

Roboto has a mechanical skeleton and the forms are largely geometric. At the same time, the font features friendly and open curves. This makes for a more natural reading rhythm more commonly found in humanist and serif types.
thin lines
slick style
slab design
heavy typeface

League Gothic

League Gothic is a revival of an old classic, and one of our favorite typefaces, Alternate Gothic No.1. It was created to contribute it to the Open Source Type Movement. It’s free to be used for your projects.
serif design
sans serif italic
condensed font
condense italic


A lovely Bold Condensed Script fully loaded with hundreds of ligatures and alternates.
creative font


Oswald is a reworking of the classic gothic typeface style historically represented by designs such as ‘Alternate Gothic’. it is designed to be used freely across the internet by web browsers on desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices.
free font family
heavy font style
bold black font


The Cabin Font is a humanist sans inspired by Edward Johnston’s and Eric Gill’s typefaces, with a touch of modernism. Cabin incorporates modern proportions, optical adjustments, and some elements of the geometric sans.
sleek sans
sleek italize
medium weight
semibold style
bold design

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