Anyone would be surprised to see the photos of a mysterious woman who has a double face. “Double faced?”, you might ask. “Where in the world can you find a double faced woman?” Well, you can actually see that from a series of photographs showing a two-faced woman in different settings and set-ups. Don’t worry, this isn’t some mutant or alien because this is mainly photographic art.

A woman gets two faces by drawing a different face using eye pencil and lipstick. This is done by a German film director, artist, playwright and author Sebastian Bieniek. The series DoubleFaced and Two-Faced features a woman doing her everyday activities while carrying a double face. This shows that each and every one of us has two faces although only one is obvious to the public. The resulting photographs may look strange and a bit creepy but you can see art and creativity from it. Let us take a look at the images that have grown famous in the web due to its unique style.

Two Faced 4
A fish in between the face. This photo looks powerful. Look more into it and tell us what you can see.

Two Faced 5
Under the sun’s heat, a woman with a double faced shades herself with an umbrella.

Two Faced 2
Tentacles. Yes, you can see tentacles and a double face.

Two Faced 3
Looking strange but creative. It’s like two people have stood close to each other.

Double Faced 14
Kind of strange shot which appears like a resin head with a wig placed on a table.

Double Faced 21
On the train showing dual personalities which could send creeps or curiosity to the other passengers.

Double Faced 22
Looking through the glass- how would you feel if this woman is staring at you outside?

Double Faced 24
A branch between two faces as if showing the two sides of a plant’s life.

Double Faced 25
We’d guess that the other face feels thirsty.

Double Faced 28
Fashionable two faced woman. We wonder why that striped sweater is on top of her.

Double Faced 30
This one really looks like two separate entities with hands around them.

Double Faced 2
It is coffee time for them with a strange looking face painted on the side.

Double Faced 3
How would it feel to put lipstick on two different lips on the same face?

Double Faced 4
What is your impression of a woman with a wine and cigarette?

Double Faced 5
It is wake up time now. Coffee while in bed is indeed a good way to start a day.

Find the Artist

Polish artist and photographer Sebastian Bieniek sure created a totally different style for his portraits. This explains why his works have grown famous and had impressed many. Bieniek is still working on other artworks which you can find on his Facebook Page where updates are always posted. You can also read more about him and see his other projects on his website. So, what do you think of these photographs?

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.