What is the one thing that people get in the morning after waking up or people that need extra energy to keep up with their daily tasks? I’m fairly sure that coffee is the first thing that comes to your mind. Coffees have been an integral beverage to many people whether for leisure purposes or for work. With the high demand of coffees, it is no wonder why there are a lot of coffee shops that popped out everywhere offering various coffees.

Just like other businesses, coffee shops also need some promotional materials to advertise them.

This is where brochures come in. They are effective in disseminating information as well as enticing potential customers to go and try out the shop.

Today we share these 15 coffee shop brochure designs that you can freely check out. Observe these various designs and maybe get some fresh perspectives and ideas on how you are going to create your own.

Effoc Coffee Takeaway

In this first feature of the list, we have a brochure design that contains elements such as splatters and image placers in various shapes.
coffee shop brochures

Coffee leaflet

This design is heavily capitalized on background images and musical elements.
leaflet design coffee

Coffee Shop Brochure

This one is in a booklet form where the design uses a purple theme. It contains a beautiful layout design from the images to the menus.
booklet brochure design

Coffee Menu Template

This next one is a tri-fold brochure in a pinkish theme. The layout displays the menu as well as image displays for preview purposes.
coffee menu brochures

Coffee Parlor

Here we have a green-themed trifold brochure design that contains several elements such as a brief introduction, menu, contact information, and image placers.
coffee trifold design

Bi-fold Coffee Shop Menu

What can you say about this bi-fold coffee shop brochure? Its layout is made simple and straightforward
bifold coffee brochure

Coffee Health Benefits

Here is a design if you or your client is planning to sell coffee, whether in a shop or as raw coffee beans.
shop brochure designs

Java 101

This trifold brochure is designed with a school/university feel.
sketch menu brochure

Coffee Shop Menu

Another menu brochure that can be used for coffee shops and cafes.
elegant design

Coffee Brochure

This brochure uses some cartoon illustrations in the design.
coffee shop brochures

Modern Design

This coffee Shop Menu Tri Fold Brochure is mainly designed for coffee shop owners dealing in coffee, ice creams, or chocolates.
menu brochures

Brewhouse Gallery

Here we have a vintage design that suits well with the coffee theme.
brew coffee design


Toasted is a coffee shop that is based on San Francisco. Its brochure is designed with a clean and elegant feel that you’ll surely notice.
clean design

Coffee Shop Menu

This one is in yellow theme.
yellow theme

Creative Trifold Brochure

This last feature offers a clean and overall design with a superb layout and element placements.
trifold brochure

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