Among the numerous variant of icons showcased in the web, pixel-icons have captured the interest of quite a number of designers in the past and even to the present time. Pixels are often defined as single point in a picture that comes in different sizes and colors. Every pixel has a color and when combined, they form various pictures…

In this next post, we have came up with a cool set of free pixel icons that any pixel-loving designers would want. Take a look at our compilation and start downloading the icons of your choice!!! Enjoy!!!

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Pixel Icons

pixel icons
Download Source

White Pixel Icons

white pixel icons
Download Source

Pixel Arrows Pack 01

pixel arrows pack 01
Download Source

Pixel Icons 2

pixel icons 2
Download Source

Pixel Icons 3

pixel icons 3
Download Source

Pixel Icons 4

pixel icons 4
Download Source

Pixelate Icons

pixelate icons
Download Source

Pixelicious Icons

pixelicious icons
Download Source

Car Icons Project

car icons project
Download Source

Set of Icons for Old Mac OS Computers

old mac os computers
Download Source


Download Source

Animal Pixel Art Icons

animal pixel art icons
Download Source

Boolean 1.1

boolean 1.1
Download Source

Mini Pixel Icons

mini pixel icons
Download Source

PixeloPhilia 32PX Icon Set

pixeloPhilia 32px
Download Source

64 Pixel RSS Icons

64 pixel rss icons
Download Source

PixeloPhilia2 32PX Icon Set

pixeloPhilia2 32px
Download Source

“Ecqlipse 2” PNG

ecqlipse 2 png
Download Source

Pixel Sushi

pixel sushi
Download Source

Trans System Icon Set

trans system icon set
Download Source

256.8 Pixels

256.8 pixels
Download Source

151 Tiny Pixel Icons

free pixel icons
Download Source

Ebrian Acebedo

About the author: A Licensed Medical Practitioner who apparently likes web design and business.


  1. really very nice collection

    it help me a lot


  2. thank you for this awesome collection icons..i will definitely use them just a matter of which one..


  3. Nice compilation Eb 🙂

    @Xaver – nice pixel icons you have in there. 😀

  4. Nice compilation dude!

    keep posting good work

  5. A collection of some great icon packs. Thanks for sharing bro. I specially loved the car icons 🙂

  6. Nice roundup…very beautiful icon design
    Thanks for share

  7. Thanks for sharing. I just used “Pixelicious Icons”. Great resource btw 🙂

  8. Very Nice Release

    I love it so much

    it make and useful for my work

  9. Thanks for the compilation, I was looking for mini pixel arrow icons and luckily you have shared about them.. downloading them now 🙂

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