Interested in Mobile and Web Application Development? If yes, well here’s the post for you! We have collected some cool icons for your current and future projects. The icons showcased here are specially designed for mobiles and web applications of all sorts. Nevertheless, you may also use the items other than web development and use them with these useful social media icons.

Free Mobile and Web Application Icons has been showcased. You sure wouldn’t want to miss these amazing freebies. The icons presented here are all unique. So download the icon of your choice and get started with your project with delight!

2014 Update:

Get more out of this collection in this new update. Here we have added more free icon sets that you can download and use for your designs. Scroll down and check them all out. Come, take a peek, and choose your pick!

Mini Icons
mini icon
Download Source

Default Icons
application icon
Download Source

108 Mono Icons: Huge Set of Minimal Icons
kmono application icon
Download Source

Hello there! Be sure to check out this cool collection of icons that you can also download absolutely free.

free mobile icon
Download Source

Mini Icons 2
mini free mobile icon
Download Source

NIXUS Icon Pack: 60 Beautiful Premium Icons
free application icon
Download Source

478 Free SVG Vector Icons – The “Seven” Icon Pack
vector free mobile icon
Download Source

Icons Sweet
application free icon
Download Source

vaga mobile icon
Download Source

The Android Developer Common Icon Set II
icon application
Download Source

Handset Icon
icon mobile free
Download Source

Free Wireframe Toolbar Icons for GUI Fesigners
icon free mobile
Download Source

Basic Set 2
icon free mobile application
Download Source

Splashy Icons
icon free application mobile
Download Source

Basic set
multi-size application icon
Download Source

Give your folders a new look with this awesome folder icons that you can download for free!

Silk Icons
silk icon
Download Source

Icons for iPhone & iPad Apps
slick icon mobile
Download Source

Vector Gestural Icons for the Multi-Touch World
vector gestural icon
Download Source

Icons: Free iPhone Toolbar Icons
iphone toolbar icon
Download Source

LED Icon Set
led icon free
Download Source

Free Vector Icons
free vector icons
Download Source

Mobile Icon Set
free mobile icon set
Download Source

Tab Bar Icons iOS 7
free mobile line icons
Download Source

Cute Blogging Icon Set
free web application icons
Download Source

Flat icons
free mobile flat icons
Download Source

Application Icon Set
web applications icon set free
Download Source

Free 16px icons
cool free web app icons
Download Source

48 flat designer icons
free designer flat icons
Download Source

Simplicity Vector Icon Set
simple vector icon sets
Download Source

Full Flat Icons
free full flat icons
Download Source

Ronald Bien

About the author: A Graphic Designer and the founder of Naldz Graphics. He launched Naldz Graphics to help the Design Community in providing quality design resources and tutorials.


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  3. A nice collection here Ronald, I too am working on a nice little collection of mini pixel Icons, some inspiration will surely come from the collections above.


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  10. very nice icons collection. thanks for sharing, especially for iDroid iconset

  11. I’ve been looking for days for a set to use in mobile site design: Home, About, Contact, email or phone, Portfolio or Photo, maybe Shop. I’m going to have to design them myself! If you have them please let me know.

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