60+ Free High Quality Vintage Textures


Vintage items have been making its great mark in the society for the last couple of years. Not only has it captured the interest of so many fashion icons but also the eye of great and aspiring designers all over the world. From the many and varied wallpapers to the great list of cool resources that can be downloaded, it has indeed become a trend in design to create numerous vintage-themed artwork.

If you are into this type of design or aspiring to create one, here is a cool list of 60+ Free High Quality Vintage Textures that you can download and utilize for your budding design project. Come and check out our great collection of wonderful textures and let great ideas envelope you. Have fun!!!

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Free Vintage Textures

Texture 26

texture 26
Download Source

Vintage Texture

vintage texture
Download Source

vintage Polka Dot Texture

vintage polka dot
Download Source

Vintage Grunge Texture

vintage grunge
Download Source

Big Stain Vintage Texture

big stain
Download Source

Texture 2

texture 2
Download Source

Vintage Wallpaper Texture

wall paper texture
Download Source

Vintage Texture II

vintage texture ii
Download Source

Texture 15

texture 15
Download Source

Vintage Diamonds

Download Source

Brown Hotel Wallpaper Texture

brown hotel texture
Download Source

Vintage Lust IV

vintage lust
Download Source

Vintage Paper Texture

vintage paper
Download Source

Old Newspaper Texture

old newspaper texture
Download Source

Vintage Paper Tetxure 1

paper tetxure 1
Download Source

Vinatge Wallpaper Texture 5

Download Source

Vintage Grunge Texture 2

grunge texture 2
Download Source

Purple Vintage Circles

purple vintage circles
Download Source

Free Vintage Sepia Postcard Texture for Layers

sepia postcard
Download Source

Vintage Flower Wallpaper

flower wallpaper
Download Source

Vintage Wallpaper

vintage wallpaper
Download Source

Vinatge Wallpaper Texture 4

texture 4
Download Source

Old Victorian Blue

old victorian blue
Download Source

Vinatge Wallpaper Texture 7

wallpaper texture 7
Download Source

Vinatge Wallpaper Texture 8

vintage wallpaper 8
Download Source

Vintage Textures Pack

Vintage Texture Pack

texture pack
Download Source

Vintage Wallpaper Grunge I

grunge i
Download Source

Vintage Newspaper

Download Source


vintage paper
Download Source

Vintage Textures

vintage textures
Download Source

6 Vintage Textures

6 vintage
Download Source

Vintage Grunge Textures

grunge textures
Download Source

Turn Back Time Texture Pack

turn back time
Download Source

Simple Vintage

simple vintage
Download Source

Texture Pack 1

texture pack
Download Source

Vintage Strip Texture

vintage strip texture
Download Source

Package Vintage Grunge 5

package vintage grunge 5
Download Source

Vintage II Texture Pack

texture pack
Download Source

Vintage III Texture Pack

vintage iii
Download Source

Vintage IV Texture Pack

texture pack
Download Source

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