We all know that superheroes are the coolest fictional characters ever created. We get amazed by their extraordinary abilities and skills where no ordinary people can make. But what if comic superheroes from Marvel and DC characters that we usually look up to as kids have been turned into Zombies? Do you think they can still maintain their being awesome?

Projecting a different aspect in the zombies’ gruesome appearance, several illustrations of superheroes-turned-Zombies have been circulating the web today. In this next post, A Collection of Cool Zombie Superheroes are showcased showing a different light to the once idols of children, and even adults, as they are illustrated to become fearsome monsters. Get those mouse browsing and entertain yourselves to the endless possibilities of portraying a zombie’s character!!

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spider man zombie
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Zombie Spider Man

zombie spider man
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Spiderman Zombie

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Lijewski Presents ZSpidey

lijewski Zspidey
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Wolverine Zombie

wolverine zombie
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Wolverines Rage

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Zombie Wolverine 2010

zombie wolverine
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Zombie wolverine Sketch

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Zombie wolverine Colored

zombie wolverine colored
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Hulk Zombie

hulk zombie
By: Nick-Percival

Hulk Zombie 1

hulk zombie 1
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She Hulk Zombie

she hulk zombie
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Zombie Cap

zombie cap
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Captain Britain 6 Zombie

captain britain zombie
By: davidyardin

Captain America Will be Back

captain america
By: poojipoo

Zombie Colonel America

zombie colonel america
By: chris-foreman

Zombie Cap

zombie cap
By: cpwilsoniii

Zombie Cable and Deadpool

zombie cable deadpool
By: EspenG

Zombie Thor Color

zombie thor color
By: rbel1031

Thor Thursday 28

thor thursday 28
By: reau

Superman Zombie

superman zombie
By: pecks13

Zombie Superman

zombie superman
By: gavinslayer

Zombie Green Lantern

zombie green lantern
By: paperlab

Green Lantern Undead Style

green lantern undead
By: Ransak-the-Reject

DC Zombies

dc zombies
By: OrcaDesignStudios

Batman Zombie Swinging

batman zombie swinging
By: pecks13

Batman Zombie

batman zombie
By: OscarSaldarriaga

Now what do you think if superheroes were zombies? Do they still can use their powers even if they’re infected already?. Leave your comments below..

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  1. Creepy much! i didn’t imagine, heroes will look more scary than the normal zombies 😛 great collection!

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