At this time of the month, you could already be one of those who worry about what to wear for a special occasion or for a particular party. This is eventually for the Spooky celebration of Halloween indeed! Not all costumes have to be really scary and not all people would choose to wear creepy attires. There are other options to check out to still look good and cool at that. are those who may be considered freaks. In this time of the year, you may be considered geeks when you wear something that’s not really “Halloween-ish”. Literally, a geek is someone who is into computers, a computer expert or enthusiast he is usually considered to be and not liked by many. But it’s usually becoming more sensible and just doing or wearing what you want and feel good about. No matter how geekish or Halloween-ish you look like as long as you you’re comfortable wearing such.

For this post, we share with you a Collection of Interesting Though Geeky Halloween Costumes you could choose from if you’re one of the geeks. Sometimes, we just have to look beyond things so we can see the beauty and the coolness it has. It’s fun to be a geek sometimes and it’s technically cool even! So chill out and check these costumes and who knows, you might find yourself getting one to wear for this year’s best Halloween party ever!

Angry Birds Child Costume

Very Inventive Geek Costume

Apart from its huge size, this may be considered a geek costume since the game Angry Birds has yet grown very popular as it started as a computer game. There is only one size available for this child costume and you can purchase this in $54.50.
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Angry Birds King Pig Child Child Costume

Elegantly Made Geek Costume

Here goes another child costume that’s also available in one size only and is worth $34.99. This character is the mortal enemy of the angry birds. Geeks’ love for such game couldn’t have been complete without a villain.
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Angry Birds Yellow Bird Oversized Foam Adult Costume

Sophisticatedly Done Geek Costume

This Yellow Angry Birds adult costume costs $69.99 and is only available in one size. Its strength as the character portrays in the game also gives a geekish power toward innovation.
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Angry Birds Black Bird Child Costume

Very Creatives Geek Costume

The black bird having to be a geeky thing gets to explode when aimed at the target. This costume costs $92.93.
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Iron Hide

Differently Stunning Geek Costume

The costume is metallic as shown. This becomes geeky since it’s far out from being a scary costume for halloween and yet it’s cheap at $39.99.
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Transformers Bumblebee Theatrical Adult Costume

So! Fabulous Geek Costume

Once a geek always a geek especially when the one who wants to wear the costume is a lot more interested in Bumblebee being one of the villains in the movie Transformers. This costume costs $299.99.
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Mens Theatrical Quality Transformers Optimus Prime Costume

Strangely Beautiful Geek Costume

Geeks are those who spend much of their time in computers and things that go with it especially animations. Optimus Prime is the star robot in the movie Transformers. This costume costs $303.95.
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Transformers Megatron Adult Costume

Most Favorite Geek Costume

When engrossed in a certain character and want to express the love for that certain character even in parties such as Halloween, you are exactly considered a geek. A cool one. Megatron’s costume costs $30.33.
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Men’s Green Lantern Adult Hal Jordan Costume

Very Interesting Geek Costme

There is a certain geekness when it comes to latest movies. Even a collection of items of idolized characters matters to them. This Green Lantern costume costs $26.69.
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Mens Thor Movie Prestige

Expensively Created Geek Costume

You may keep your passion with Thor even when you’re about to attend a spooky party. The costume costs $62.99 – $89.99.
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Captain America Ultimate Adult Halloween Costume

Touch of Class Geek Costume

The feeling of saving America will indeed boost a geek’s feeling. The costume costs $190.88.
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Tron Legacy Deluxe Costume

Very Appealing Geek Costume

Tron has indeed made a cool impression when it comes to the animations and special effects. Geeky feeling, isn’t it? The costume is sold at $49.99.
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Men’s Whiplash Costume Accessory

Comfortably Created  Geek Costume

Anyone has their own way of keeping their geek image. This Whiplash costume costs $27.46.
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Iron Man 2 Mark VI Costume

So! Warmth Geek Costume

The feeling of being different in a halloween party would seem a bit dorky but still cool. It’s one’s own way of expressing himself. The Iron Man costume costs $170.10.
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YouBoob Adult Halloween Costume

Very Charming Geek Costume

This adult halloween costume will really make you look so unique and will only cost you $10.79.
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Child’s Pikachu Pokemon Costume

Neat and tidy Geek Costume

Who wouldn’t want to look cute and dashing during an eerie party? Pikachu’s costume will only cost you $39.99 for your child and make him stand out.
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Men’s Deluxe Naruto Kakashi Cosplay Costume

Very Colorful Geek Costume

This costume costs $19.99 and would make a good though geeky halloween costume.
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Adult Deluxe Pac Man Costume

Lots Of Style Geek Costume

Make yourself look as though you’re going to eat other party goers in a smiling Pac Man costume! This costs $44.99.
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Teen Naruto Style Halloween Costume

Amazingly Fashionable Geek Costume

The passion for Naruto may be carried out in parties even when it’s not a cosplay that you have to really flaunt your love for such character. The costume costs $24.99.
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Atom Classic Costume

Artistic Geek Costume

This could become a spectacular choice for a halloween costume when you can show your geekness. The costume costs $24.95.
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Harry Potter Adult Robe

Extremely Groovy Geek Costume

Look as nerdy as Harry Potter in his robe that costs $26.82.
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Muppets Kermit The Frog Costume And Mask

Very Trendy Geek Costume

It may be time to let Kermit the Frog smile in a halloween party around the corner. The costume costs from $47.69 – $52.99.
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Plug and Socket Costume

Up-to-Date Geek Costume

Geekness or dorkiness matters even in looking hilarious at halloween parties. This costume costs $40.85.
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Super Mario Brothers Deluxe Mario Costume

So Modernize Geek Costume

Have always loved Super Mario? Get the costume for about $39.99.
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Star Wars Episode 3 Darth Vader Adult Costume Kit

Perfectly Done Geek Costume

Darth Vader could hide your identity as the real geek one although you’re sure to look dorky in it which is your aim for sure when you choose to wear this costume on a Halloween party. It costs $31.49.
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It ain’t bad to be a geek, right? And since you’ve already chosen a couple of such costumes, which one would you want to try? Or have you tried wearing a geeky outfit for last year’s Halloween Party? You may even want to suggest geeky costumes that have not been included in the list. There’s still time so just enjoy the rest of the Halloween Fever!

Jamae Corregidor

About the author: A teacher turned disc jockey turned online writer who has the love for teaching, music and the passion for writing since then.


  1. Great idea for Halloween costume gonna try the angry birds one 😛

  2. I would like to try this Naruto Cosplay Costume, it’s affordable and scary enough for Halloween. Just perfect for a geek like me 😉 .

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