Every business would opt to have a business card. Of course, graphic designers should have one, too. This is necessary for whatever business transactions but you also have to make sure that your card contains a complete advertisement about you and your company. So, before thinking of your business card concept that would stand out from the rest, make sure you will be able to include the following in your business card:

1. Name.

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Of course, you would include your name. Your business card wouldn’t serve its purpose without it. It should use a font style and font size that is readable.

2. Company Name.

Company Name
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Even if it is just an individually owned business, I know you also have a name for it. So, include it in your business card. This will make your business card more professional.

3. Logo

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As a graphic design artist, I bet you have made your own logo. Place it in your card, too. This will help clients to easily recognize your business. A logo gives you your own identity.

4. Phone Number.

Phone Number
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This is important so that clients can contact you when they need your service or when they have questions about it. It is advised for you to have a separate telephone line for business and for your personal stuff.

5. Email Address.

Email Address
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Have a professional email address and use it in your business. You can also have two email addresses. One for your business and the other one for your personal emails. This is vital because most of us use emails already and this is the easiest way to keep in touch with clients on other parts of the world.

6. Web Site Address.

Web Site Address
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Make it easier for your clients to see your work by having a company website or your own website portfolio. Make sure that the contents of your website will say a lot about your company. Include this so that your clients doesn’t have to ask you so many questions about your company and they will be impressed that you have prepared all those stuff to make it easier for them to know you.

7. Address.

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Do not forget to include this in your business card for some people would like to personally meet you to discuss a project. Others would personally like to see the design you did for them so that they could suggest revisions and see how it looks after the revisions are added.

8. Job Title.

Job Title
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Under your name, write your title. Clients need to know if you are the president of the company or whatever you call yourself. This way, they will know if you are the right person to contact.

9. Say something about your business.

Say something about your business
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Include brief information about your business. This will let the customers know what certain services you offer. Company name is not enough to tell others what you do.

10. Put some artistic touch.

Put some artistic touch
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Use images, graphics and other designs in your card. Make it look appealing and pleasing to the eyes so that your client would love to keep your card instead of placing it in the trash bin. Make your card unique and memorable.

Well, remember that no matter how attractive your card is if it lacks vital information, it wouldn’t serve its purpose. So, see to it that you didn’t miss any of the fundamental contents mentioned above. This will help you make not just a striking business card but also an effective one that will surely help your business.

Ronald Bien

About the author: A Graphic Designer and the founder of Naldz Graphics. He launched Naldz Graphics to help the Design Community in providing quality design resources and tutorials.


  1. Why not add a QR Code as well with more info, or a custom URL on your website, etc? Just a thought…

    1. Yeah that would work too but it’s not so necessary on a standard business card in my point of view.:D considering custom URL as website address that would be on #6 🙂 thanks for dropping by 😀

  2. i like the concept of your tips.
    Thanks for sharing this article.

  3. I really get cool tips from here, keep posting great info. more power for you guys!

  4. I need to know the right order in the business card.
    Name. Company, title, division name, phone numbers, email, website!
    What is the correct standard order?

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