As with fashion and technology, the trend in the design world is always changing. Inspiration and innovation keeps on breeding new and fresh designs and ideas that keeps the needs of society filled.

Logos today are more preferred to be clean, clear, and distinct. The simplicity makes it easier for people to perceive the design, thus making it easier to be described and remembered.

With this current demand, designers have adapted the use of thin line in creating designs to their projects such as logos.

Today we will present to you 40 examples of thin line logo designs. This collection consists of different designs that use thin line techniques to create clean logos that many will appreciate.

Scroll down and you’ll see that simplicity is definitely a beauty. Come, take a peek, and enjoy!

Made Co.

thin line logo design

Geometric Experiment

sheep thin logo

Utah Vintage

vintage thin line logo

Hex Colored

hex thin logo


designique thin line logo


silametalla thin logo

Forged in Mavericks

x thin line logo


monogram thin line logo


thin letter logo

Night Owl Nurses

owl thin line logo

New Foresee App

app thin logo


umanity thin logo

Global Summit

thin line logo


intech thin line logo


iowa thin line logo


foodyo thin line logo


iofo thin lines logo


s thin logo design


seed thin line logo


Belinda thin line logo

Tiffani Jones

tiffani jone thin line logo

Simple personal Logo

a thin line logo


orsa thin logo

Saga Mountain

mountain thin line logo

Burnout Games

burnout games thin line logo

M Studio Arquitetura

m studio thin line logo


vapely thin logo


trendhive thin logo

Maria Reguila

thin line logos


lightbox thin logo


expo thin line logo

Markowicz Hats

hats thin line logo

Squibsound pure

squibsound thin logo

Von Eissman

thin line art logo


genesis thin line logo

Johnna Eudese Ward

About the author: A 20-year old living in Mountain View Village, Cebu, Phillipines. She loves cooking, surfing, reading and watching movies.

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  1. I love these kinds of logos! Though I’m biased and have an affinity for geometric shapes anyways..But still, line craft logos are definitely on the rise in terms of trends.

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