Sculptures are usually created with the use of stones, metals, wood or even glass. It is an artwork that’s three-dimentional where you get to really see its expounded parts. Aside from hard materials, there are also sculptures made up of softer ones particulary Sand. with the help of water and talent, an obra maestra is created just out of sand. Of course it is not that easy especially when we get to see gigantic ones or more detailed sand works of art but feel the daze in today’s post.

Browse through this Spectacular Sand Sculptures Collection to highly appreciate another side of Art from exceptionally talented artists. Most of them won in Sand Sculpture Festivals so enjoy and get dazed!

Sand Story

Meaningful Sand Sculpture
In every artwork, there would be a story. It just so happened that this one’s was a bit peculiar.

Sand Sculptures Jesolo 2

Animal Inspired Sand Sculpture
With all the details to express its perfect images, the love for art found its way indeed.

Sand Sculptures 1

Replica of Happy Group Sand Sculpture
Happy and playful faces with the feel of freedom may be depicted on this masterpiece.

Giant Sand Sculptures 6

Really Big Sand Sculpture
There are subjects that don’t really exist in this modern world. Perhaps, there could have been giants in the past. But with the love for art plus creative imagination, giants may still look real.

Sand Sculpture

Seemingly Real Sand Sculpture
The ability to make a piece look so real is what makes it more and more appealing.

Sand Sculptures Easter Island

Island Sand Sculpture
It may just look so easy to finish but it actually takes time and a whole lot of patience for an artist to finally see its obra.

Sand Sculptures 7

Dangerous Pirates Sand Scuplture
There are certain subjects for a sand sculpture we never thought we could see well-detailed but here it goes!

Giant Sand Sculptures 1

Really Cool Pirates Sand Sculpture
Pirates are cool subjects. Even when the thought of them seems to bring danger.

Giant Sand Sculptures 2

Photographic Inspiration for a Guitar
It’s really cool when you are taken aback by an artwork.

Statue of Liberty in Sand

The Statue of Liberty in Sand Sculpture
Who could have thought that we’ll see the Statue of Liberty in Sand? Well… it’s just so amazing!

You Own the World

Owning the World Sand Sculpture
Even when sand may be thrashed any moment, the memory of your artwork lives on especially when it has touched the hearts of many.

Giant Sand Sculptures 3

Sailing Sand Sculpture
Just make it smooth and clear to convey its meaning then off you go to taking the eyes of many!

The Art of Sand Festival

Photographic Inspiration for a Guitar
Festivals like this gets to showcase the realm of sand artistry. It’s just fascinating!

Sand Sculpture 8

Attractive Dragon Sand Scuplture
Dragons, when details are expounded, it creates a surreal character you won’t get your mind off right away!

Sleeping Dragons

Hushed Dragons in Sand Sculpture
Well, if they are just sleeping ones, it’s all right to see them in sand.

Sand Sculptures 3

Well-Defined Artwork in Sand
Every artist have their own way of giving life to their piece.

Quot Petronas Towers Quot

Petronas Towers in Sand
With awe and amazement, a fantastic sand sculpture is to behold!

Sand Sculptures 2

Simple Yet Impressive Sand Sculpture
Let faces deepen the thought of an artwork.

Sand Sculptures 1

Abstract Sand Sculpture
There are creations you may look into and find the deepest and touching meaning.

Work in Progress 2

Nice Though Unfinished Sand Scuplture
Even when it’s not yet finished, you would already see its beauty! Lovely isn’t it?

Egyptian Sand Sculptures

Egypt Inspiration in Sand
With Sand Sculptures, you’ll get to see the places that artists have been inspired with.

Silver Surfer

Surfing Sand Scuplture
Let it become different and still connect an artwork with a cool watersport activity. Wow!


Pretty Sea Creature in Sand
Turtles lay their eggs in sand so it’s just so cute to see them in sand artworks too!


Sand Sculpture in Victory
It may look simple and majestic at the same time. It’s the magic of an artist on how they would make a subject look as attractive as possible.

World of Sand 7

Undeniably Creative Artwork in Sand
Simple sand castles may be made but with all the other details, it makes the whole thing look so real.

Beach Picture Sand Sculpture DaVinci

Impressively Detailed Sand Sculpture
With the perfect facial expression detailed, who can even think this is made from sand if not made at the beach?

Shrek Look a Like Sand Sculpture

Movie Like Sand Sculpture
And an artwork may simply look as though it were some tourist trying to enjoy the sun at the beach.

Moon Landing

Absolutely Cool Sand Sculpture
Oh well, this is how you’ll actually look like when your face gets smashed in the sun with your left cheek in!

Public Jury

Justice foreseen Sand Sculpture
Even when justice speaks, art defines it more.

Cradle of Life

Full of Life Sand Sculpture
The Lion being the King of the Jungle defines life itself. It may be fierce but it has its subtleness. That’s art too!


Flexible Sand Sculpture
An award winning masterpiece for a Sand Sculpture Competition.

Rite of Passage

Ceremonial Passage Sand Sculpture
This piece has won 5th Prize in the World Championship Sand Sculpting in Canada, September 2008.

Frog Sand Sculpture

About to Hop Froggy Sand Sculpture
Creatively done as it is. It seems like it’s about to hop on someone or something and finally devour it.

Sand Sculpture

Very Realistic Dragon and Man on Sand
It is just so scary to see a person devoured by a dragon! But it’s cool when it’s just on sand…

Dragon Sand Sculpture

Dragon and Victim Sand Scuplture
It just seems like a scene in movies when it’s actually a really nice sand sculpture artwork.

Sea Creatures

Swimming Sea Animals
These cute creatures just so look like they’re enjoying their swim.

Sand Castle

Appealing Sand Castle Sculpture
We oftentimes hope we have one like this for real. It inspires a lot of artists!

Big Bird Sand Sculpture

Jaw Dropping Sand Sculpture
Get ready to fly and be taken by this huge bird to the world of Sand Scupltures!

Fascinating Sand Castle Sculpture

Sand Castle in Sculpture
With every part of it defined carefullly and beautifully, as though there were real royalties inside, everything becomes so fascinating!

Aren’t they spectacular enough for an artwork? Indeed it takes not a single day to make such an amusing one but Sand Sculptures are just one of the many beautiful proofs how artistically surrounded our world is. Simple elements of nature becomes a masterpiece indeed!

Jamae Corregidor

About the author: A teacher turned disc jockey turned online writer who has the love for teaching, music and the passion for writing since then.


  1. Fantastic work, still wondering how they start to make it, its so complicated but still awesome!

  2. it’s an WOW moment to me.
    great collection….Thanks for sharing………….(-_-)

  3. Really amazing sculptures, thanks for sharing..

  4. Wonderful collection! Wish i could make one! Thanks a lot for this post

  5. I couldn’t ever imagine that art can get far beyond simple painting, and music, and literature. How beautiful they are.

    The most astonishing thing is that, you see details, like hair and tree brunches in these sculptures.

    I really admire them all. Thanks for this great art manifest.

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