Sports has not just been a hobby to watch but a passion for those who are into Photography. One can get hooked right up in the updates of whatever sports game they are into through news may it be on paper print or the internet. It helps a lot to inform and get people to understand the highlights of every game through good Sports Photos. There are so many Sports Photos all around the web that’s posted but there are only a few of them that can “awe” you in just one first glance. There could be a question as to “How do you really take good sports photos?”

This time, we share with you a Collection of Energy-Boosting Sports Photos to encourage you to not just love the action in this certain field but give you ideas as well on which type of sports you might just find yourself hooked up with your camera. The question of how you may take good photos on this field may be answered by looking at the photos and checking on the tips later on. Click through and share your ideas with us!

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Amazing Sports Photography
An exampls of an action-packed sports photo.


Very Risky Sports Photography
Image: Zach Ancell
The photo has been taken during Sports Lifestyle or Sports Competition that the photographer has tried to shoot.

High Jump

Awesome Sports Photography
Image: superninja12r
The athlete is Demetrius Lawson representing the Zionsville Eagles.


Image: jonschwadron
Bowling becomes challenging as one gets to finish of the pins.


So! Good Sports Photography
Image: mjagiellicz
Poweriser is considered one of the extreme sports.

Baseball Day

Wonderful Sports Photography
Image: thediabeteshero
In taking good photos, capturing the action hits off. Yes, the moment is gone too soon if the photographer has not been alert in taking the shot at the perfect timing.

Flying Football Portrait

So terriffic Sports Photography
Image: craig johnson
This photo has been taken for Northern Arizona University and the player in action is Daiveun Chapman.

Equestrian Jumpers

strikingly Active Sports Photography
Image: dbltapp
This event took place in Blenheim.

Kick Boxing

Adorably Sports Photography
Image: cyrildrouot
This was during the Kick Boxing Championnat de France 09.

Football Action

Lots of Speed Sports Photography
Image: griegophoto
This is a Semi-Final Football Game between Albuquerque Academy Charges and Lovington Wildcats.


Interesting Sports Photgraphy
Image: keithpyt
Biking is also considered to be a challenging sports game aside from it being a past time for others.


So! Fabulous Sports Photography
Image: toksuede
This photo shows a Soccer Champion League between Arsena vs Sporting de Braga.

Basket Mania

Enthusiastic Sports Photography
Image: Marc Tenés
The speedlights on this shot contributed much in getting into an amusing Sports Photo. Behind the basket net, a bare YN-460II gelled with 1/2 CTO was used while the second speed light is a bare YN-560 that is zommed to 85mm placed at the back of the player that points its light to the basket net.

2011 TCC SCY Meet

Very Competitve Sports Photography
Image: azamat j
Sports Competitions are considered exciting moments especially to those who have the passion for sports.

2011 Asia Men’s Olympic Handball Qualifiers

Hardwork Sports Photograhy
Image: kjeldw
This is a game of Olympic Handball with Iran vs. Kuwait.


Simply Beautiful Sports Photography
Image: Piotr Poreba
Bike Race also another challenging Sports Game.

Josh Sheehan @ Honda CRF-450

Charming Bicycle Sports Photography
Image: stalf
This shot shows a stunt for a Motocross Competition.

Wakeboarding Competition

So Splendid Sports Photography
Image: matt-pringle
There are also awesome stunts even in wake boarding.


Very Enchanting Sports Photography
Image: Carsten Jamrow
Surfing goes for the passion of the surfer for the ocean.

Action Photos

So! Physical Sports Photography
Image: Rhys Logan
These are one of the action photos in a surfing competition.

Red White and Blue

Fascinating Sports Photography
Image: johnchamilton
Here goes a bulldog action during Hamel Rodeo 2011.


So! Exciting Sports Photography
Image: Vladimir Donkov
The International Olympic Committee recognizes Rock Climbing as a sport even when it is not included in the Olympic events.

Ice Hockey

Very Creative Sports Photography
Image: zibbelljr
This is Vincent Trocheck gliding for victory for Saginaw Spirit.

Karntner Golfclub Dellach 2011

Indeed Marvelous Sports Photography
Image: tine_stone
This is a golf competition in Carinthia.


Glamorous Sports Photography
Image: makielaphotography
A Canon 5D was used in this shot for a commercial session with Ewa-Marine Housing.

Billiards Game

Captivating Sports Photography
Image: guenterleitenbauer
This photo shows the agility of Billiards Game World Champion, Neil Robertson.


Eye Catching Sports Photography
Image: spphotos
Archery tests the person’s sharp mind and eyes.

Fighters Realm Black & White

Great Sports Photography
Image: Pedro Velez Silva
Kick Boxing originated in Japan being Osamu Noguchi and Yamada Tatsuo as the creators.

Thrilling Extreme Sports

Very Playful Sports Photography
Motocross Race is indeed considered one of the extreme and thrilling sports game for some.

Agnelis Hernandez

So! Nerve Rocking Sports Photography
Karate is also one engaging Sport that is a good practice of self-defense. This photo was taken using a Canon 40d.

There are just so many Sports Game from all around the globe. Indulging into any Sports is advisable for our health. And Sports Photography is also an engaging yet challenging field to get yourself into. From among the featured Sports Photos, which caught your attention that much? Or do you have any Sports Photo you look up to and have always dreamed of taking the photo yourself?

Sarah Corres

About the author: A graduate of both Business Management and Nursing who simply chose to engage herself in Web and Graphic Design with that passion for art and writing.


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