Photoshop Actions are a set of recorded steps which can be replayed in the actions palette. It is one of the wonders of Adobe Photoshop that is oftentimes not noticed by some. Actions can help save time by doing repeated tasks. It is truly a blessing to users for it can perform great functions that give wonderful results. It may convert photos to black and white, resize them, create different effects, combine sophisticated techniques and many others. You can have many tasks in one action which can truly help you save time.

But aside from saving time, there are other advantages and benefits in using Photoshop Actions. For those who don’t believe in the magic of Photoshop Actions, we will give you some benefits of using it that will make you love them.

1. Simple to use.

Simple to use

This is indeed an advantage for beginners. Since you do not possess the expertise to create great photos, you can use actions. It is easy to learn using actions. You do not need coaching in order to do it. Aside from that, you’ll be glad to see how appealing your photos will look like despite your lack of Photoshop skills.

2. Learn more of Photoshop through actions.

Learn more of Photoshop through actions

This is more advantageous for beginners for as you see each action work, you’ll learn more about how Photoshop works. You can even explore and combine the different steps in an action. For sure, your knowledge and skills will be sharpened with what you will discover. If you use actions made by others, do not merely use it but also try to look into the steps and study what he used in creating it. This way, you will know which tool and effect is used to give a good result. This could also help you to make your own Photoshop Action.

3. Save you from repeating steps.

Save you from repeating steps

If you have about a hundred photos to edit, isn’t it tiring? It is really arduous to edit so many photos. So, instead of repeating the same steps from photo one to the last, you can just record your steps in Actions and it will do the same to the rest. Now, you won’t get tired with the boring work of repeated editing.

4. Allows you to enhance photos in one click.

Allows you to enhance photos in one click

As you opt to use an action, you can now apply it to your photos with just one click. Just click play and the changes will immediately apply. Isn’t it remarkable that you can make astonishing photos with just a little time? Actions can really help you a lot and would even encourage you to work more.

5. Apply various effects easily.

Apply various effects easily

You might have browsed the web and found great Photoshop Actions. Download these creative actions and make elegant imagery as a result of combined techniques in just one action. You have saved yourself from editing and applying some effects. Actions have it all done.

6. Speeds up the editing process.

It won’t end up in trash bins

Instead of sitting in front of your computer for a long time just to edit a bunch of photos, you’ll have more time to relax. Actions will do the job for you by speeding up the once tiring editing job.

7. Saves time.

Saves time

Of course, a simplified job will certainly help you save a lot of time. You can have more time in doing other tasks and you could even nap or take snacks for awhile. You’ll surely save a lot of time with actions. This will even save you from staring long time at your computer screens doing the thing over and over again.

8. Work like an expert.

Work like an expert

After seeing your output, you’ll feel like an expert for it will certainly look like the work of an expert. You’ll get a result the same as the samples you see as an aftermath of a Photoshop Action created by a designer. You can amazingly come up with a work with combined techniques, tones and effects. So, even if you are not really that good in photo manipulation, it will seem like you really are with the magical touch of actions.

9. Get consistent results.

Get consistent results

Since the steps are recorded and merely played for every photo that you would like to edit, the results will surely be consistent. Unlike doing it manually for every photo, there will surely be differences for every image since you cannot perfectly do it to each and every picture. Actions will give you better results.

10. Have fun while working.

Have fun while working

If editing photos is a tiresome job for you, it wouldn’t be now because you won’t undergo the same wearisome editing. You will even enjoy doing the job now especially that it will give you great outputs. When you download Photoshop Actions and use them, you’ll be pleased to the wonderful results. Editing will no longer be a hassle for you but a fun task.

11. Can save money from hiring experts.

Can save money from hiring experts

Instead of hiring someone or asking for someone’s service to render and enhance your photos, you could do it yourself. This will surely save a lot of money and you can also learn while you work. Photoshop actions can truly help you a lot for it can give you the effects and enhancement that you want depending on the type of action you will use.

For sure, after knowing these benefits, you’ll start using actions and exploring more of Photoshop. Aside from creating your own Photoshop Actions, you can also download some and use it in your photos. So, what are you waiting for? Start using them now. Ready, set, action!

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.

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