In this second collection of Photoshop Paper Brushes, we have selected more useful sets for your designs. Paper is made up of thin versatile materials with many usage, to mention a few important uses are for writing upon and printing upon, information storage through newspaper, magazines and books, and also decorative specialty paper intended for card making, scrapbooking and craft projects. These new sets of collection will give your desktop and web and graphic design a new and updated look.

Do check this out, the New 30 Sets of Useful Paper Photoshop Brushes Collection from various creative artists that will help and enhance your artistic works of art, paper designs and projects particularly. See for yourself and choose a style that suites to your needs..

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+Paper Brushes

paper brush
This set has 11 hi-res paper brushes that are torn in various shapes and sizes.
By: turnlastsong

Origami Crane Brushes

Amazingly beautiful PaperBrushes
6 Brushes in set.
By: shinkui

Old Brushes

Antique style Paper Brushes
8 Brushes in Set.
By: krakograff

Draft Paper

Fashionable Paper Brushes
By: diamara

Crumpled Brushes

Simply cool Paper Brushes
4 Brushes in Set.
By: sandsoftime

Broken Paper

torn brushes
By: Cami-Curles-Editions

German Newspaper Brushes

Stunning Paper Brushes
15 Brushes in set.
By: freaky-x

Newspaper Brushes

Stylish Paper Brushes
7 Brushes in set.
By: chrissi-rockz

Old Paper Brushes

Adorable Paper brushes
5 Brushes in set.
By: omfgman

Vintage Paper

Irresistibly beautiful Paper Brushes
By: diamara

Old Decoration Paper

Awesome Paper Brushes
By: diamara

Crumpled Paper 2 Brush Pack

crumpled brush pack
This pack includes five huge brushes of crumpled paper in 2500×2500 pixels. They are all compatible to Photoshop 7 and later versions.
By: Bill

Paper Brush Set

Simply irrestible Paper Brushes
By: anodyne-stock

Burnt Paper Brushes

Real Nice Paper Brushes
9 Brushes in set.
By: daveshu88

Various Paper Pieces

Appealing Paper Brushes
14 Brushes in set.
By: hest1a

Chinese Paper Lantern Brushes

Cute Set of Paper Brushes
10 Brushes in set.
By: kendraschaefer

Old Paper PS Brushes

Exciting Set of Paper Brushes
6 Brushes in set.
By: melodyofrain

Torn paper brushes

torn papers
In this next pack, you have 80 ABR’s of papers torn in various shapes and come in different sizes, from 224px to 2000px.
By: jojo-ojoj

Japanese Brushes

Very Nice Paper Brushes
14 Brushes in set.
By: bleeding-dragon

Torn Paper Brushes Rough Draft

Just so Cool Paper Brushes
By: backflip540

Paper Brushes

Classy look Paper Brushess
By: ephedrina-stock

Origami Paper Flower Brushes

Fabulous Paper Brushes
25 Brushes in set.
By: tumbril

Dirty Old Newspaper Brushes

So interesting Paper Brushes
6 Brushes in set.
By: in-a-daydream

5 Paper Curls Photoshop Brushes

Fantastic Paper Brushes
5 Brushes in set.
By: mycraftden

Crinckled Paper Brushes

Plainly enchanting Paper Brushes
11 Brushes in set.
By: liznresources

Burned Paper Brushes

Amusing Paper Brushes
9 Brushes in set.
By: yourstruelystock

Paper Edge Brushes for PS

Beautiful Paper Brushes
11 Brushes in set.
By: hotaru-tenten

News Paper Bits and Pieces

Undeniably well-made Paper Brushes
By: lukebarfoot

Crumpled Paper Brushes 1

Cool Paper Brushes
10 Brushes in set.
By: AscendedArts

Old Paper Brush III

texture paper brush
This is a single brush of a 1 whole paper texture that was made into a brush with 1928px size.
By: Silentjustice

Have you figured out on how to use these decorative Paper Brushes that will cater to your needs in any of your future paper projects? Well, you may check on them again and just like any other talented web or graphic designer, you’ll for sure figure out.

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