Mustache is a trademark of a gentleman. It shows both finesse and manliness to anything it is on. These qualities can be greatly used for branding and are evidently seen in some businesses such as barbershops, clubs, bars, and more.

For this post, we have collected stunning designs of mustache logo that come in various styles and purposes. Explore the list below and get some ideas and inspiration boosts for your own projects. Come, take a peek, and enjoy your browse.


This first design of the list has two muscular arms flexing to form a mustache.
mustache logo  design

Mustache Mind

This next logo design has a mustache theme mixed with a brain in the other side.
brain mustache logo

Southwest Dental Care

Here you have vintage-style design with a mustache right in the middle of a round boarder.
vintage logo design


This one has a simple yet stylish mustache design that can look great for a logo.
stylish mustache design


The simple design in this logo also shows sophistication and elegance.
white goatee theme

Mister Shuko

Mister Shuko’s logo utilizes a hotdog fused with mustache for more finesse.
hotdog mustache logo

Bigotes de Azúcar

Bigotes de Azúcar’s logo has mustache with beautiful detail that puts more depth to it.
beautiful mustache logo


This one has a letter A with added mustache and a monocle that are perfect for its company name.
elegant letter logo

Geek Bond Spectacles

The iconography both depicts eyeglasses as a G letter and a mustache as a B letter.
glasses vintage logo


Moustashtag has two Twitter birds put together to form a mustache shape.
twitter mustache logo

Gentlemen’s Book Club

Here you have a logo design that caters well to a book club for gentlemen.
book club logo

Duck Gentleman Club

Here we have another logo for a gentleman’s club. The monocle and mustache design forms a figure of a duck
gentleman logo design


This design uses typography to the logo name, which is shaped to look like a mustache.
typography logo style


This design is inspired by a combination of wool and mustache.
wool style branding

Mustache Launch

Here is a clever design where smoke from a rocket launch forms a mustache shape.
rocket logo design

Mustache Gang

Mustache Gang utilizes negative space design for its logo.
negative space man

Mr. Breado

Mr. Breado has a logo with bread that has a mustache. It is great for bakeshops or cafes.
bread mustache style

Bread Chef Bakery

This logo design of a chef’s head with a hat looks like a slice of bread and a mustache from two wheat grains.
bakery branding design


Here is another typography design that is shaped like a mustache.
word typography design

Electric master

Here is another typography design that is shaped like a mustache.
plug electric branding


The logo features a happy face with lush red mustache and beard, which at a closer inspection, turn out to be a flying bird.
bird creative brown

Underwear King

Underwear King has a logo with a silhouette of the head with mustache and crown. The negative space is the shape of underwear.
king crown royal

Gentleman Burger

Here is a burger logo that is made more gentlemanly with a top hat and a mustache.
burger hat green

Mad Company

The central element is the mustache on the letter A, the image of someone tough.
original company branding


This Brand would be perfect for Multimedia, entertainment and internet Company.
Mexican theme branding

Smart Stache

Here the logo uses glasses to represent the title.
geek style logo

Mr. Constable

Mr. Constable is a good branding logo for a detective agency.
detective agency branding


FoxyMan uses two tails of a fox that forms a mustache.
fox tail branding


Here is a logo design that exploits a combination of scissors and mustache.
scissor barbershop branding

Crazy Food

Crazy Food has a relative design that shows a mixture of a happy mouth with mustache and a set of food utensils.
food restaurant branding

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