Appearance and visual appeal are the bread and butter of the websites in the travel industry. In today’s tech age, the internet is arguably the best place to advertise to people. With that said, web design is very essential for this industry and are evidently seen in well-designed websites.

Whatever the purpose is, whether for resorts, toursim, villas & hotels, or agencies, the website’s design should effectively allure and capture the interest of its visitors with stunning visuals.

To show you some examples, we have gathered some of the best travel websites with various designs. Take a look at this list and have your light bulbs brighten up with new ideas. Come, take a peek, and enjoy browsing.


Getaway’s header has a slideshow of fullscreen video backgrounds with enticing shots. It also utilizes parallax scrolling with black strips and inviting images.
small house travel

La Mezziane

La Mezziane is a one page travel website that has a cinemagraph showing a stunning view from an infinity pool. It displays the location, the villa’s interior & exterior design, and contact formation as well.
cinemagraph web design


This site is from a luxury travel agency that offers various destinations. It has a fullscreen background image of a beautiful beach that is very alluring. It also utilizes alternating white and image background that keeps the experience interesting yet not overwhelming.
beach travel site

Really Wild Challenges

This site has a boxed layout with background image. Its header has an image slider and it has a sidebar that displays various destinations.
adventure travel websites


Everywhereist has a playful ambiance to its web design through the graphic design on the header and other elements.
graphic web designs

Tennessee Vacation

Tennessee Vacation has a rodeo theme with rustic image background and wood texture.
tourism website designs


Tourdust offers tours and adventures to handpicked locations that will let you experience wilderness. Its site has a full-width slideshow followed by a gallery of different destinations.
travel web design

Himalayan Wonders

Himalayan Wonders bargains tours to the beautiful Himalayas. Its web design shows their various travel packages and bookings for easy navigation.
travel booking site


Apartum uses a pattern background of various icons for its header. The site generally has a minimal design that shows various cities of destination.
pattern background header


Maine also uses a video background for its header and different kinds of layout for its galleries.
video background header


The site has an uncommon layout with a pinned vertical header on the left and the content on the right. The header has video background with topography texture overlay.
unique layout design

Go Glamping

Go Glamping offers luxury camping or ‘glamping’. It also has slideshow on the header and a grid layout that showcases different destinations with the price and accommodation.
slideshow travel theme


The website has a greyscale theme with yellow accents. It has a fullscreen image background in the header and a clean grid layout for its gallery.
greyscale wesite theme

Twin Pine Journey

Twin Pine Journey has a vintage ambiance with parallax effect on various objects that puts some spice while scrolling.
vintage design website

Christchurch Harbour Hotel

This site jives with the modern design with a fullscreen image background and a typography overlay.
clean modern design

Arctic Wild

Arctic Wild has a fullscreen header that showcases a video documentation.
gallery layout content

Designer Trek

Designer Trek is a getaway for creatives. It has a one-page website with a continuous background image and is followed with a clean layout.
single page travel

Bosco Alto

Bosco Alto caters fullscreen background images all throughout the content. It also has interesting transitions of its boxed element.
fullscreen background image


Tern is a magazine blog for travellers. It uses a full-width header with a handwritten & sans font.
travel blog website

Black Tomato

Black Tomato has a very beautiful design that fits the latest trends. It caters various elements but still maintains a clean layout that is great to the eyes.
modern web layout

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