There are different Art forms that fascinates us. One of those would be the paintings we see in the streets particularly on walls, on the ceilings of buildings or houses or even buses. This artwork is called a Mural. It makes the space look more attractive and a lot more appreciated. This too is an expression of one’s self as what most artworks are only that in this type, the expression is in a huge space and not just a small canvas. It was in the 30,000 BC that murals started and there are even a couple of such that survived to be of proof and they are in Egyptian tombs.

Two of the most appreciated Murals are Graffiti and Street Art which paved its way through contemporary wall painting. There are also Conceptual types of murals that may look so real and set your hearts in awe. In this post, we take you to the world of Art once again and let you see A Variety of 30 Really Awesome Mural Paint Art Examples that you may also take to the ceilings of your rooms, street walls or parks or to your artistic hearts…

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Mural Painting FPT Arena II

Catching Mural Paint Art
Image: HiepHD
A Mural Painting done at the FPT-Arena Center II with the artist’s friend. Media used was a direct brush on the wall with the use of industrial color.


Emotion Full Mural Paint Art
Image: Christian Rebechi and Paolo Togni
An outdoor painting done at the pool of Skaterpark, Lugano (CH) using spray paints.

Endless Conversation

Creative Mural Paint Art
Image: Robert Proch
This Mural Painting has been done in Berlin, Germany.

Piecing it Together Mural

Inspiring Mural Paint Art
Image: AaronLi-Hill
This piece has been the main attraction at the Piecing it Together Solo Show – Funktion Gallery 2009.

Traffic Mural

Inspiring Mural Paint Art
Image: Yocheved
This mural has been done at a pre-school.

Freeform Flow Murals

So Nice Mural Paint Art
Image: Matt W. Moore
An artwork in celebration of Geometry, Asymmetry, unexpected Flow and Freestyle Process as stressed out by the artist.

Commissioned Mural

Very Awesome Mural Paint Art
Image: pennyroad7
This Commissioned Mural has been done for Infospace, Inc. in Los Angeles, California.

Mural Installations

Very Awesome Mural Paint Art
Image: Matt W. Moore
A mural painting art done for Casemate HQ in Atlanta.


Indeed Creative Mural Paint Art
Image: TurkesART
The details of a mural painting which features Saturno AGS, Sol, Rubi and SPain.

Mural for Gdansk

Indeed Creative Mural Paint Art
Image: Anna Taut
Mural painting done for GDansk Commercial with the theme “Gdansk beyond the frame”.

Mural Creativa Autores

Remarkable Mural Paint Art
Image: El-Shogun
This mural stands with the artists.

Mural Foto

Real Nice Mural Paint Art
Image: ivandark
The mural stands 15m x 2.5 m in height.

The Knowledge Project

So Awesome Mural Paint Art
Image: Andrew Berardi
An outdoor mural aiming to inspire passersby.

House of Frankenstein

Incredible Mural Paint Art
Image: Hugh Rose
The artist behind this materpiece is from Bristol, United Kingdom.

Mural Art

Readily Creative Mural Paint Art
Image: yttria.ariwahjoedi
A mural art done in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Color Spotting: Abstract Mural

Pretty Nice Mural Paint Art
Image: dariusmonsef
An Apple iPhone has been used to take a photo of this masterpiece.

Fashion Illustration

Ever Inspiring Mural Paint Art
Image: Nani Puspasari
A mural painting at the House of Rotten Apple.


Amusing Mural Paint Art
Image: highraff
A Panasonic DMC-LX5 was used to capture this mural.

Mural Painting

Very Colorful Mural Paint Art
Image: DracuLeon
The theme on the painting is based on Singapore culture.


Very Colorful Mural Paint Art
Image: Loreleianne
Used to take this masterpiece is a Nikon D80.

By Yearz, Spot

Cute Mural Paint Art
Image: oeildetat
The mural painting photo was taken using a Canon EOS 500D.


Huge Mural Paint Art
Image: >sOke<
A recent mural painting by Bims.

Tracey Avenue Mural

So Awesome Mural Paint Art
Image: KevinmcGloughlin
A commissioned mural painting done for the Borough Council in Sligo.

Paint Your Faith

Very Inviting Mural Paint Art
Image: S.Vegas
A Canon EOS 40D captured this Mural.

Mural Paint Art

So Thoughtful Mural Paint Art
Image: dax46407
It was an Olympus E-520 that was used in taking this Mural Art Painting.

Tats Cru in the South Bronx

Graffiti Mural Paint Art
Image: Tara Murray
A Canon PowerShot A470 captured this artwork.

Mural Paint Art

So Pretty Mural Paint Art
Image: jeak1
An indoor mural painting.

January 2011 Office Exterior Mural

Very Neat Mural Paint Art
Image: Threadless 365
Just a recent mural which a Canon EOS 7D captured.

Street Art

Nicely Made Mural Paint Art
Image: Tony Worral Foto
Mural art done at the Ship Inn at Preston.

Walls 2

Nicely Made Mural Paint Art
Image: YOK
One of the new walls that the artist has been painting recently.

There is so much to be artistic about and there’s always more that one can do if only there’s the passion and the willingness in the field of art. So after seeing such an awesome set of artworks in Mural Painting, how do you an an artist or as a viewer express yourself through art? Let’s talk about it here and you can even share with us your artworks!

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