In every website that you come across, you could see different calls to action. This is important in order to move the users mind from a passive sate to an active state. It summons a website’s visitor to do something or to act towards what the website asks him to do. It is also a manner of measuring the success of your site. There are different calls to action that you can see like “Subscribe to my newsletter”, “Buy now”, “Share this site” and others. For sure, all of us had tried clicking on a call to action which means that they are indeed effective.

Well, aside from those mentioned, there are still other things that make a call to action important. Upon knowing these, you will be more motivated to create better calls to action for it certainly helps your website in many ways. So, here are the importance of call to action that mull over.

1. Attracts visitors’ attention.

Attracts visitors’ attention
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Seeing a call to action in your site will immediately attract the attention of anyone that lands on it. Most calls to action uses colors that drive the eyes of the readers towards it. Readers only spend a few seconds to look at a website. So, to make sure that they will really do what you want them to do, create attractive calls to action to easily get their attention.

2. Tells the next step the users will do.

Tells the next step the users will do
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Your readers have seen your website and have read what your site is about. They could have grasped what your site is about on the first look at your website but they might not know what to do next. This is oftentimes a dilemma for some people especially if the website is single paged. Your call to action will guide the visitors on what to do next.

3. Directs your readers.

Directs your readers
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For sure, you would always want something for your readers to do like subscribe to your newsletter or purchase a product. You can direct your readers to do that without forcing them to do so. Your call to action will be an effective way to do that. You can easily tell them what to do even if you do not have direct communication with them. The call to action will do that job for you.

4. Helps further a relationship with reader.

Helps further a relationship with reader
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Most of the time, the call to action will encourage the readers to do some action and to leave some details about themselves. If they have done that, they have given their trust to you and your website. This can already start a relationship with the readers even just mere interactions in the comment section.

5. Gives you clients.

Gives you clients.

One of the best ways of having new clients is through the call to action. Your readers will be your first prospect clients. Since they have subscribed to your site and have seen how reliable you are, they can now do business with you.

6. Shows you how effective is your site.

Shows you how effective is your site
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Your calls to action are one way of seeing how your site is doing. You can see how effective your calls to action are and your website is by the number of responses you get from the visitors. Of course, you do not know what the readers are doing after seeing the site. But you would know if they liked it by the actions they will take.

7. Encourages visitors to read.

Encourages visitors to read
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Since your readers will be attracted to your site through your simple call to action, they will also read more. They will also be encouraged to visit your site regularly and read your post. This will be like a chain. It will happen over and over again to other visitors, too. This can even help increase traffic for your site.

8. Gives you more income.

Gives you more income
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If your website is an ecommerce site, you will surely gain income from every reader that will do some shopping online and they were only able to do that because of the “Buy Now” call to action. If your website doesn’t sell anything, you can still earn from it because you can encourage readers to do things for your benefit and theirs, too.

9. Gives you more subscribers.

Gives you more subscribers
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Upon seeing your site, readers can easily see your call to action and would subscribe to your newsletter. You will have increased number of subscribers each day. You can also gain benefits of having more traffic to your website. Having more subscribers is an indication that your website is successful.

10. Encourage readers to participate.

Encourage readers to participate
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If your site is having an advocacy, you can encourage people to join you through a call to action. For sure, after knowing that you are working for a good cause, people will surely join you. Of course, they would ask how they could be part of the advocacy. They can do that by clicking on your call to action.

It’s Your Turn Now

If you haven’t realized the real value of calls to action, then the above things would let you know how important it is to help your website. Hence, you have to make sure that you will make effective calls to action so that you can achieve what you want for your site. Can you tell us how calls to action have helped improve your website?

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