Landscape refers to a portion of scenery from one viewpoint. When we speak of landscape photography, the subject is the scenery where it shows some sections of it that are interesting to the eye. Landscapes show images of the land and its aggregate natural features. It depends on the photographer on how he will make the view more dramatic and appealing. There are instances that a certain scene my only look natural for us but when a picture is taken by someone who have composed it well, it will surely look new and impressive for you. That is how landscape photography works. It makes the natural look more beautiful and fascinating.

There are so many landscape images that you have seen and some of them might have impressed you. These are the images taken with technique and style. For today’s post, we will give you some tips on how you can come up with amazing landscape shots. We hope that these tips could help you acquire a stunning output. Here they are:

1. Be unique and original.

Be unique and original
Image: Rok Godec

There are so many photographers around the globe and in order to get noticed, you have to be unique and original. This will make you more competent and professional. Stand out by developing your own style in taking pictures. Landscape photography could look different when it is done by different people. Have a personal branding through your images.

2. Tell a story.

Tell a story
Image: Francisco Mingorance

Even if you are taking pictures of landscapes, you can still tell a unique story from it. You can do this by composing your shot. If your picture tells a story, you can easily attract the attention of the viewers. If your picture is mysterious, they will even stop and think about what you want them to know through the picture.

3. Make use of a tripod.

Make use of a tripod
Image: Philippe Albanel

Using a tripod can give you better results. This can help avoid camera shakes. If you are walking on distances for your photo shoot, you can choose to bring the lighter model of tripod so that you will not find it hard to carry it with you.

4. Set a high aperture.

Set a high aperture
Image: Dee-t

Doing this can let you take pictures with a good focus and sharper details. Set it to the sharpest lens so that you can get a very sharp image. This can help you do away with image noise. You will surely get a great picture with this.

5. Choose the time for shooting.

Choose the time for shooting
Image: Pawel Kucharski

When shooting landscapes, you will be able to get a better shot during Golden Hours. This would be early in the morning during sunrise and late in the evening during sunset. But you can also take pictures even in the midday. Do it with the sun’s light and shadows to create a unique texture.

6. Use wide angle lenses.

Use wide angle lenses
Image: David Richter Photo

These type of lenses are usually used for landscape photography for it can take images with wider perspective. You will be able to take a picture of the entire image you want with a wide lens. This can also allow you to frame the scene and crop some areas.

7. Have a focal point.

Have a focal point
Image: Inebriantiao

A landscape photograph will have better impact if it has a focal point. It will be given more life with it and it will be able to capture one’s attention easily. You choose an interesting focal point like a winding road, a tree and others. This can also make your image unique and you will be able to tell a distinct story.

8. Capture an appealing sky.

Capture an appealing sky
Image: Bobby Bong

For landscapes, the sky is a vital element. Do not make it appear boring. Choose a sky that can add drama to your picture. It could be a blue sky with some clouds or it can be a colorful sky. Your sky can give a different emotion to your picture.

9. Create depth.

Create depth
Image: Davidone33

You will come up with a more interesting landscape photo if you create depth. This means that you have to divide it into foreground, middle ground and background. The foreground could be the ground, the middle ground could be a body of water and the background could be the sky. That is only an example. You can create your own depth and make your image look more interesting.

10. Add some detail.

Add some detail
Image: John Fan

Well, when it comes to landscape photography, when we speak of detail, these are actually massive parts of the image. But you can still place some detail in your picture by using HDR or High Dynamic Range that allows you to blend several exposures with details. It can show details even for the brightest or the darkest areas.

11. Take note of the rules of composition.

Take note of the rules of composition
Image: Virtual Words

In landscape photography, do not forget to consider the rules of composition. That would include how you frame the shot, having some leading lines and many others. It can surely make the shot more attractive and it can even tell the story more effectively.

12. Look for interesting elements.

Look for interesting elements
Image: Juan Pavon

Another way of making a nice landscape photo is by including interesting elements in the shot. Like some moss, garbage, wires, and others. It can give your picture a truly distinct appearance. It will also add more drama to it.

It’s Your Turn Now

Aside from the tips above, you can also improve your landscape photography if you look into other people’s work. You may ask your fellow photography lovers on what certain technique they use. You may also experiment and try your own style which is a lot better. You’ll soon find your comfort zone and you could get the perfect shot you want. Have you taken some landscape pictures? Would you like to share that to us? Or would you like to add some tips above? Feel free to write in the comment section below.

Ebrian Acebedo

About the author: A Licensed Medical Practitioner who apparently likes web design and business.