Landing page is the lead capture page which is the first thing a user will see upon clicking on an ad or on a link. Landing pages are usually used in online marketing. It is crucial to any form of online business which is why a landing page should be good.

The effectiveness of a landing page is measured through its conversion rate which means how often people take action when they visit it. Conversions don’t happen magically. One needs to plan on optimizing and for continuous improvement. Try different strategies and monitor the results.

You may ask a visitor to sign up for your services, purchase a product, register for a newsletter and many others. Since landing pages is your first chance to convince a visitor, you have to make it effective. If not, you will lose the chance to reach your goal. Here are some important things to consider for a more effective landing page design:

1. Relevance of content.

Relevance of content

Your landing page will be ineffective if you do not include relevant contents in it. Even if this is already obvious, some still fail to do this. If people do not get what they were looking for at first glance, there is a great chance that they will immediately leave the page. For instance, someone was looking for a specific Photoshop brush through a search engine site. He will type the keywords and then click on the first result only to find out that instead of giving him the exact brush, he saw a variety of brushes wherein he still have to look for the brush he needs. So, instead of looking at it one by one, he looks for another website who can offer him what he really wanted. If you are optimizing for search engines, make sure that the keywords are integrated in the contents naturally. This will be very helpful to give the user the right page when they search for it.

2. Make it simple.

Make it simple

A simple landing page will get most of the attention. There should be no useless elements on the page for it will only distract the reader. Page layout is important for this is the first thing that the client will look at. You should immediately showcase in your product in the landing page. Be sure that it is clear and easy to comprehend by the visitors. Landing pages need to be very specific with your goals.

3. Have a consistent message.

Have a consistent message

If you advertised using a banner and you were stating a certain promo like you will be giving 30% off if they avail of your service today, then makes sure that when they arrive at your page, you will also offer the same. Do not mislead the visitors. Also, you have to use the same logo, company name colors and everything. This way, your client will be sure that they are actually viewing the right page. This will also help build trust for the visitors.

4. Provide the right information.

 Provide the right information

Visitors will be glad that by the time they land on your page, they found the answers they had been looking for. If you could give answers right away, they will stay longer in your page and they will be convinced to take some action. Include enough and appropriate information that is relevant to a particular topic.

5. Use proper grammar and language.

Use proper grammar and language

Visitors will surely go over your landing page and read your contents. As they do this, you have to make sure you are using the right words, the right grammar, the proper spelling and the right language towards a particular field. If they can see that you are using grammar and language rightly, you will get their trust and confidence. Clients will be convinced that you are presenting a genuine service and product.

6. Use a clear conversion strategy.

Use a clear conversion strategy

When we say conversion rate, it refers to the number of visitors who views the content of a site and does some action. For example, the visitor could sign-up, purchase an item, and others. Hence, the landing page should be clear as to what the visitor will do. It should also be clear for what the conversion button is for and how will they know if it was successful. Make it easy for visitors to convert anytime and place the conversion buttons above the fold and you can also repeat placing it at every scroll-and-a-half of the screen space so that they won’t have to go scroll up again to do the conversion.

7. Make it sound urgent.

Make it sound urgent

Part of your sales pitch is urging the users to make an action now for it is a unique opportunity. Make the sentence short and easy to understand. If you do this, your visitors would opt to make an action by the time he views the page the first time. This is an effective way of promoting your product or service.

8. Prepare for your target visitors.

Prepare for your target visitors

Although you will really never know who will click your banner ad and visit your site, you still have to prepare your it to a particular audience. For sure, majority of those who will check it have the same interest as you have. So, speak their language, try to determine what they really need, use graphics that they can relate and many others. It is important to have a virtual connection between you and your visitors.

9. Place important elements above the fold.

important elements above the fold

When we say fold, it is the part of your page that can be seen in the screen without scrolling down. Make sure that they get everything by merely looking at the fold. After understanding everything, that is the time that they will look for more by scrolling. If the user still needs to scroll down in order to understand what the site really is, then they might move on to other websites with clearer folds.

10. Feedbacks and testimonials.

Feedbacks and testimonials

You may include testimonials and feedbacks from clients in the landing page to ensure the new visitor that you are real. Also, you may include press releases, reviews and even videos. This will add more confidence from the clients.

11. Make it safe for the visitors.

Make it safe for the visitors

Some people are afraid to signup especially if they feel that they will be charged for a certain amount by doing that. Give them the guarantee that they’ll get money back if it is a purchase or give them free trial first wherein they have the option of purchasing the product or not after they tried it. Let them feel safe in your landing page so that they will still be interested to look at other parts of it.

When you design your landing page, take note of the aforementioned things in order for it to be effective. As a designer, you should aid your client in order to help them have an effective marketing for their product or service. There are also available landing page templates that you might want to use. But it would be better to customize the design so that it could really suit the business.

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.


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