Body Painting is one of the beautiful forms of body art; unlike tattoo, these are only temporary and last only for several hours. Human body is a great medium which is used by some artists to express their fantastic ideas. This kind of art transpires around the world and is widely used in different manner of creation. Today, we’ll get to look into a dazzling work of an artist, who inspired his art in utilizing fluorescent paints and photographed behind black lights where he came up with an illuminating artwork.

John Poppleton, an American artist and photographer, residing in Northern Utah, who is very passionate in creating a something different artwork. In his latest masterpiece, he incorporates the magnificent views of the space and landscapes with the beauty of female forms. The magic of this art was painted with fluorescent tint and shoot under black lights to unveil the inventiveness. Sneak a look on some sophisticated wonders of universe and adore them!

Mountain Milky Way
John Poppleton night sky bodyscapes black light photography

Sandra’s Waterfall
John Poppleton  amazing waterfalls bodyscapes black light photography

Anna’s Sunset Lake
John Poppleton bodyscapes sunset scenery black light photography

Anna’s Back to Space
John Poppleton bodyscapes space sky black light photography

Rebecca’s Mountain Lake
John Poppleton night lake body art bodyscapes black light photography

Sandra’s Nebula
John Poppleton bodyscapes galaxies nebula black light photography

Emily & Kim’s Tropical Paradise
John Poppleton tropical paradise bodyscapes black light photography

Liz’s Northern Lights
John Poppleton northern lights bodyscapes black light photography

Sandra’s Desert Storm
John Poppleton desert storm bodyscapes black light photography

Mary’s Mountain Lake
John Poppleton bodyscapes mountain lake black light photography

Sandra’s Mountain Lake
John Poppleton beautiful mountain lake bodyscapes black light photography

Worlds Beyond
John Poppleton bodyscapes planet black light photography

Through the Fronds
John Poppleton bodyscapes botanical black light photography

Lizz’s Lanterns
John Poppleton bodyscapes lanterns black light photography

Kylee’s Tropical Sunset
John Poppleton bodyscapes tropical sunset black light photography

To see more of his works, visit John Poppleton on his website. It’ll be great to hear anything from you, feel free to leave your comments and opinions.

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