Every design blog presents interesting topics on anything that would interest their target audience. But of course, it is not easy to come up with what particular topic to write. There are also some considerations that one needs to do in order to think of a topic that would really be appropriate for the blog. For design blogs that had been there for years, there are surely so many archived posts already. Most of them are surely useful and interesting but recent readers can no longer read them because of lack of promotion. Would you like to promote some of your archive posts once again?

You will surely love to do that. Of course, you have exerted effort in looking for an interesting topic and have made sure that the article is well written so that the readers can get something from it. You will certainly want current readers to read it, too. You can promote your archives in many ways. We will show you how to do that 11 easy ways. Here they are:

1. Determine posts that attract visitors.

Determine posts that attract visitors
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Try to check your blog for past posts which had many visitors. Look into the topic and the contents as well. Determine what made it appealing to the visitors. You can make use of these posts as basis for your future posts.

2. Choose which posts you want more exposure.

Choose which posts you want more exposure
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There are certain posts that you may want to have more exposure. This might be your best post or it shows your best works. You might want to expose it more to the audience. But you have to choose the ones that really deserve promotion and can help you have increased traffic. You cannot promote all of your articles in the articles. You only have to choose those that could help your site acquire more traffic.

3. Write a related post.

Write a related post
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You can make use of archives by writing something that is related to it. You can get some lines or paragraphs or items from a previous post and include that in a new post. This way, you are showing the audience that you also have an interesting post similar to that in your archive.

4. Place internal links to new posts.

Place internal links to new posts
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It would be very effective if you place internal links in your recent posts. Look for some articles in your archive that is related to your current article and include a link towards it. This is the easiest way to make use of your archives. Others place “related posts” in the end of the article which can also be good. But it would still be better if you place a link within your contents.

5. Post an updated version.

Post an updated version
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Another way of letting the readers pay attention to your archived post is to write an updated version of it. Your audience will be pleased to see that there is a current update about the topic. Like if you have floral photoshop brushes before, you can create a new list of fresh floral brushes. Then place a link leading to the previous post about it.

6. Compile it as an eBook.

Compile it as an eBook
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Archives can be used well if you create an eBook out of it. You will benefit a lot from this and you will also be able to promote some posts that you want to have more exposure. You can compile related posts and make it an eBook. You can have it as a give-away. Doing this will give good use to your archives.

7. Create a post series.

Create a post series
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If you find a past post that is very interesting, you can once again present it by making it a series post. This way, you could attract the attention of the audience and they will also look forward to your next post that is in line with the topic. Do not forget to always include and internal link towards its related posts.

8. Place a link in the sidebar.

Place a link in the sidebar

You can usually see archives in the sidebar of a website. Doing this can also be effective for the visitors can see it easily. You can include in the sidebar some posts that you would like to expose.

9. Place it in your footer.

Place it in your footer
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Another effective manner of promoting your post is by placing a link to the footer. This can be effective especially if the reader has navigated your site from the top and finish it till the end, he will surely not miss the link you place at the bottom part. This is also a smart way of using your footers.

10. Place it in a notification bar.

Place it in a notification bar
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You can either place a notification bar at the top or bottom of the page. You can promote something using it like an eBook, your newsletter, a post and others. This can surely be noticed especially if you use attractive colors that could move the visitors to do something. This can also be an effective manner of promoting a post.

11. Include it in the navigation buttons.

Include it in the navigation buttons
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Along with the other stuff you place in your navigation, you can also include the archive. This way, it can be easily noticed by the readers. It would even be a lot easier for you to promote your past posts if you place them in categories. Make sure that the categories you have can clearly tell what is in that group.

It’s Your Turn Now

There are different ways in promoting an archived post. For sure, if you do some of them, you will be successful in making good use of your archives. Your readers will surely get to find it and read it. At least, even your past posts are still being useful to the present. You will surely be pleased on how it turns out. Also, it can also lessen bounce rates for your readers will just be roaming around your site looking for related post on a topic of their interest. Now, it is your turn to speak up. Are there some things that you would like to add to our tips?

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.