Tulips are one of those beautiful flowers a garden lover would want to have on one of its plots. Aside from its different colors because of its different species, the way it opens from a pretty bud gets to attract the attention of many. And a couple of those attractions would come from photographers. Tulip pictures are eye-catching ones at a glance. This type of flower is one of the favorites when it comes to subjects in Photography. The beauty and elegance and even the style is captured may it be in a bunch or just a single one.

Spring is about to come in a couple of weeks for some, a few months in other countries. Since Tulips are some of the most alluring spring-blooming flowers, we’d like to inspire you with these 30 Beautiful Tulip Photos which you may even try to take a couple of shots when you see them bloom this year – may they be macro shots or taken in a bunch.

2014 Update:

For this new update, we have added more lovely tulips pictures that you can have a view below this list. Scroll down and check them all out! Come, take a peek, and enjoy!

Tulip VI
Refreshing Tulip Picture
This is the sixth tulip photo that the artist took for this subject.
Image: windylife

Red and White Tulip Dark
Very Nice Tulip Picture
A dark ambiance of a red and white tulip.
Image: 8TwilightAngel8

Attractive Tulip Picture
A cool macro shot of a pretty tulip.
Image: Red-Smurfette

Amazing Tulip Picture
Another amazing macro shot of a very beautiful red tulip.
Image: cloe-patra

Purple Tulip
Adorable Tulip Picture
A closer dashing look at a purple tulip.
Image: Red-Smurfette

Magnificently Taken Tulip Picture
These tulips are taken from the artist’s mom’s bouquet.
Image: dove-51

Tulips Today
Beautifully Taken Tulip Picture
Tulips taken at a refreshed garden in Maine.
Image: BobVPR

Wonderful Tulip Picture
Personal pretty tulips in the artist’s garden.
Image: Kendall-Mintcake

So Refreshing Tulip Picture
The artist’s first attempt on Macro Photography.
Image: dark-darker-darko

The Most Vibrant Tulips
Amiable Tulip Picture
It was one rainy morning when this shot was taken.
Image: Justin-ps

Yellow Tulips
Superb Tulip Picture
A photo of dashing yellow tulips.
Image: FlowerColour

Simply Nice Tulip Picture
This tulip photo was taken using a Canon EOS 50D.
Image: buddythunder

Pink Tulip Detail
Very Inspiring Tulip Picture
A simple yet detailed macro shot of a pink tulip taken using a Canon EOS 350D Digital.
Image: GlasgowPhotoMan

Very Colorful Tulip Picture
A subject for photography class taken using a Canon EOS 550D.
Image: xilverninja

Inspiring Tulip Picture
A bed of tulips taken in the month of April 2011.
Image: robertdanielullmann

Day 270
Relaxing Tulip Picture
The artist describes tulips as stunning ones.
Image: The Macro Queen

Eye-Catching Tulip Picture
These tulips were captured in Shanghai Arboretum.
Image: jennifermoon

Tulip Closing
Elegant Tulip Picture
A Canon EOS 20D was used to capture this tulip closing up in an afternoon storm.
Image: dcJohn

Tulips tulips tulips
Substantial Tulip Picture
Tulips in a garden in Keukenhof captured bu a Canon EOS 350D Digital.
Image: //Rutger

Hopeful Tulip Picture
A Sony DSLR-A350 captured this pretty macro shot of a tulip.
Image: .Hoppo.

Red Tulip
Well-Rounded Tulip Picture
Regarded as an amazing macro shot which was captured using an Olympus SP560UZ.
Image: Black Cat Photos

Perfectly Taken Tulip Picture
A Nikon D90 was used to capture these beautiful bunch of tulips.
Image: liz&jeff | patonphotography.ca

Good Shot on Tulip Picture
This tulip color standing from among the rest and have ben captured using a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi.
Image: ssinghi

Freshly Taken Tulip Picture
A fallen tulip captured by a Canon EOS 40D.
Image: Santosh

Spring Tulips in Chicago
Indeed Inspiring Tulip Picture
This photo of a pretty pink tulip has been captured using a Nion D700.
Image: Michael James Imagery

Tulip Bunch
Prefectuly Amazing Tulip Picture
A bunch of tulips taken using a SOny DSLR-A200.
Image: Jonathan Gill

Perfectly Nice Tulip Picture
Tulips brighten the house too with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi used to capture this.
Image: jtnelso

Tulips – 2
So Nice Tulip Picture
An amateur shot on flash photography where the artist used a Nikon D80.
Image: canbalci

Tulip 8 07
Awesome Tulip Picture
A New Zealand tulip taken using a Sony DSLR-A100.
Image: dinzie

Awe-inspiring Tulip Picture
Tulip macro shot taken at a corner store.
Image: Houry Photography – on/off

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Dutch tulip
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Let Us Know

If there are roses to usually give to a loved one, there are tulips too but why do you think are they a lot more expensive than roses? Perhaps it could be because they don’t just grow everywhere. Tulip pictures will always add a good aura as much as it would inspire many to take shots of such a pretty flower. So which flowers have you tried to capture using your camera? You may want to share it with us!

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About the author: Founder of a osmiva.com. Despite her busy schedule, she always find time to read books, Photography and write articles during her spare time.


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