Landing page is usually used for online marketing wherein it is also called as a “lead capture page” or a “lander”. It is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on an advertisement that displays information regarding a product, service and other promotional stuff. Generally, the goal of a landing page is to convert site visitors into sales leads. In the web, you will find so many landing pages and you might even wonder which one of them could truly be trusted.

With the thousands and millions of products and services offered worldwide, for sure there would also be so many landing pages around. This becomes more challenging for designers on how they can design an effective landing page and how they can build trust for it. Gaining the trust and confidence of the users is very much important for the success of the page and the company as well. So, to help you, we have given here tips on how to increase trust for a landing page. Read on and get to know what these are.

1. Have a professional design.

Have a professional design

A cheap looking design won’t work because it will look unprofessional. Choose a great design and make it look expensive. Design is a very important factor in making sales. If one exerts effort and have spent money for a good design, then the users will trust the site. Users usually opt for those that have good designs than those that are poorly done.

2. Be honest and true.

Be honest and true
Site: Gift Rocket

Everything in your landing page has to be real. Do not make up things because if you will, you will surely be caught. Doing that will only cause you trouble and will decrease trust in your website. Post information that can be verified in order for the users to know that you can be trusted.

3. Observe consistency.

Observe consistency
Site: Tea Round App

It is very important to be consistent on everything in the landing page. That would point to your design, your branding, your contents and all the other elements in it. Your color palette and typography font should also be consistent all throughout the landing page. The design should be consistent in order to have instant recognition and increased trust in your landing page.

4. Offer freebies or promos in exchange of user’s information.

Offer freebies or promos in exchange of user’s information
Site: Groupon

If you aim to ask for personal details from the users, you have to offer something in advance to make sure that they are well compensated of their efforts. Most people would not sign up for your email list or for whatever it is that you are asking for if they do not get anything in return. Also, do not give just anything. Offer something of good value for this can surely help increase your conversion rate.

5. Have unique sales technique.

Have unique sales technique
Site: Symbolicons

The internet is bombarded with various sales techniques and some of them are already overused. Only very few users respond to usual and clique calls to action especially if they did not have a good experience about clicking it before. Make sure that you when you offer something, you sound legitimate and professional. This way, you will get your clients.

6. Assure users you are legitimate.

Assure users you are legit

It is important to show the users that you are genuine. People these days are careful not to be a victim of hackers and spammers. Of course, they would always see to it that the landing page they are seeing is legitimate before they do some action. It would even be more challenging if you sell products and services. Place everything in the landing page what is needed in order to show them you are real. This would include payment forms, delivery methods, and many others.

7. Acquire third party certifications.

Acquire third party certifications
Site: Campaign Monitor

This refers to existing companies, organizations and other sites that are already trusted by the users. Doing this can give your site more authority and you will also be trusted by more users. It is like borrowing trust from well known brands to assure the users that you are genuine and they would not hesitate to transact with you. Post certification logos in your landing page.

8. Post endorsements and press mentions.

Post endorsements and press mentions
Site: Get Harvest

There might be other reliable sites that endorse your product. You can post those endorsements so that they will know that you can be trusted. Also, post press mentions which can make your site appear popular. This way, you will gain more confidence from the users.

9. Simplify your terms and conditions.

Simplify your terms and conditions
Site: Shall I Buy

If your page needs to display the terms and conditions, simplify it. Do not post the one made by a lawyer because it will not be understood by other users. Most people are not comfortable seeing and reading legal stuff. So, keep your users and turn them into clients by using the layman’s term for your terms and conditions.

10. Post testimonials.

Post testimonials
Site: Manta

Posting testimonials and feedbacks are effective but do not use false ones. Do not create a testimonial. Wait for a real one. Or you can ask testimonials from clients wherein you had successful transactions. But if you do not have a testimonial, then, do not post anything.

It’s Your Turn Now

It might appear simple on how one can make the target audience trust the landing page and the company as well. But it would be a different thing when you are really the one designing it because along the process, there are times that some things are overlooked. Hence, may the above items be a simple reminder for designers of landing pages. Are there other points that we failed to mention? Please comment below to add something to our list.

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.


  1. I am sure if any one do follow those trust must increase on landing page design. I will do follow those on my design as well. Thanks for such good information.

  2. Thanks for use full information on increasing trust on landing page design. All 10 points are important to increase trust on landing page.

  3. Testimonials are a must .. most people get influenced by the testimonials given by other people.

  4. If you have no Testimonial than you we can use list of buyer/client which also encourage like testimonial. Isn’t it? Also would you please let us know which one you want to define Call to action point?

    All are really good points. Kareen you have done a great job!

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