When you designed your graphic design blog, you might have prepared a list of topics that you want to feature in your site. Your choice of topics would always be in your niche and would also be interesting. After you have successfully designed your blog with the needed contents and you were greatly satisfied on how it looks, you will now think of what to put in your site. Of course, you would go back to your list of topics and you will even look for more inspiring topics to post in your website.

You would be posting various sources of inspiration including freebies and features. You kept on doing this for a long time already and you find it truly beneficial. So, why is it really important to have inspiring posts in your graphic design blog? What are its benefits it can give to your readers and to you? Let us find out.

1. Readers will happily appreciate it.

Readers will happily appreciate it
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Your readers will surely be happy to see inspiring posts. They will surely appreciate it. Appreciation is the beginning of your blog being loved by your target audience. When they started liking and appreciating what you are posting, all the other good things will follow like having more traffic to your sites since these satisfied readers will share your posts and will tell their friends. You are actually doing a good marketing thing merely by posting inspiring articles.

2. Readers will trust you.

Readers will trust you
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More readers will trust your site which is important in order for them to keep on reading your site. It can also help you establish a good identity. Being trusted and being known as a site that provides inspiring posts, you will never fail and will only continue to go up.

3. Readers will revisit for more inspiration.

Readers will revisit for more inspiration
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If they have seen one, then they will think that there is more to come. They will constantly check your site for new inspiration. In your part, you have to post inspiring articles regularly for this gives your site a great impact to the audience. As your readers return to your site, you will already have regular readers. From there, they will multiply and you will never lose readers as long as you maintain the kind of articles you post.

4. Readers will bookmark you.

Readers will bookmark you
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When the readers find your posts interesting and truly inspiring, then there is a great chance that they will bookmark you. If that happens, they can easily get to your site whenever they want to. You will certainly gain benefits from being bookmarked. Aside from the joy it gives you, it can also assure you of returning readers to your site.

5. Readers will remember you when they need inspiration.

Readers will remember you when they need inspiration
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There could be times that your audience might need something for their designs. While they are looking for inspiration, they can surely remember your website. They will then go back to your site again and look for what they need there. With that, they will surely be searching for various sources in your website especially if they found something valuable at first glance.

6. Readers will share your posts in social media.

Readers will share your posts in social media
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As you continue posting informative and inspiring articles, your readers will surely be pleased on every information they get. They will even feel more pleased upon seeing freebies and other sources of inspiration. With that, they will share your posts through your social media buttons. This can greatly help to tell others what you have. Using social media to share your posts is one of the best ways to promote not just a certain article but the entire website. So, have inspiring articles so that readers will continually share that.

7. Readers will look forward to your next posts.

Readers will look forward to your next posts
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Since they felt satisfied, they will be waiting for what you will be posting. They will be anticipating for something truly useful and motivating. They will regularly check your site and if you have many posts in a day, they will even be more inspired and would be engaged in your site.

8. Readers will tell their friends about your site.

Readers will tell their friends about your site
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Aside from sharing the posts online, there is a great chance that your readers will also inform their friends and colleagues about your blog. This will surely add more readers who will regularly visit your site. Your reader’s friends will soon tell their other friends. It would be like a domino effect and you will surely love it!

9. Gain respect from other bloggers.

Gain respect from other bloggers
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Since your posts are of high quality, other bloggers will look up to you. They will think that you are one of those bloggers that can really cater valuable information to the readers. You will seemingly be a professional in the field of design.

10. Other bloggers will also be inspired by you.

Other bloggers will also be inspired by you
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Aside from looking up to you, other bloggers will also be inspired on what you are doing with your site. Upon seeing your posts, they will also be encouraged and motivated to have inspiring posts for their own websites. You will be one of their sources of inspiration as they expand their sites.

It’s Your Turn Now

Indeed, designers would need inspiration in doing their works. That is one of the reasons why having inspiring posts are very beneficial. For sure, you will agree with us that inspiring posts are important for a website. So, would you like to share your experiences on how you benefited in having inspiring posts for your graphic design blog? Feel free to do so.

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.


  1. In my opinion having a list of topics before posting something is the most important step. We don’t want to be careless and choose the wrong words in our post. we should also think of an angle of a topic and that angle should capture the reader’s interest and other blogger’s attention. it’s putting yourself in their shoes first in order to know them very well. Knowing your target audience 🙂

  2. yup, there are benefits of putting up inspirational posts, but we should know beforehand the possibles effects it may bring. Some bloggers tends to be to shallow and irresponsible that is why a lot of them ended up as the “most hated” persons on earth..hehehehe

  3. Inspirational posts do help boost other people’s emotional state, it uplifts their mood and gives them hope. 🙂 nice post! i think i’m gonna try this.. thanks!

  4. One thing I like about inspirational posts is that it changes my mood….everytime I’m angry or I feel sad i spend time reading inspirational blogs. Then after that i feel okey already…. I very grateful to those bloggers who gives inspiration to a lot of people….

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