It is said that artists always need inspiration to be able to create impressive masterpieces that they can be proud of. This is why we gather various designs and artworks to help you get some inspiration that will propel you to work at your best form. Here’s another collection that you can check out.

Today we have gathered logo designs with bats. This collection includes some of the most creative bat logo designs for you to easily scroll and see. We can only hope that you can get some ideas and make your imagination run wild and result with an outstanding design. Without further ado, you may scroll down and check them all out. Come, take a peek, and enjoy!

bat bar logo design
This is a logo concept for a bar with bat wing and wine bottle in the negative space.

Luv Bat
cute bat logo design
A rather lovable bat with its adorable face and its mouth shaped like a heart.

Vampire winery
wine bat logo design
A logo design great for restaurants, bars and such with its design combining a bat and a wine glass.

bat variation
colorful bat logo design
This is a logo design of a bat with its shadows in various colors.

Cloud bat
cloud bat logo design
This design has a bat with a cloud hidden below the bat’s wings.

cool bat logo design
A cute bat hanging in a hanger. Great for clubs or anything that makes you sleep the day after.

movember bat logo design
A logo design for an annual event called Movember.

Bat Heart
heart bat logo
This a cute logo design of a bat in a heart.

Basketball team
basketball logo design bat
This logo design was made for a basketball team with its design of bat and a ball.

Media Bat
media bat logo design
This logo is designed with a bat forming letter M.

umbrella bat logo design
This is a brilliant logo design combining a bat and umbrella.

bat mail logo design
This is another clever logo design where bat is combined with n envelope.

wine logo design bats
This is another great logo for wineries and bars. A bat with a wine glass in the negative space.

adorable bat logo design
A very cute and adorable bat for your fun branding.

mystery logo design bat
A bat with big ears and wings which are memorable. The negative space between the ears and wings looks like letter M.

star bat logo design
A minimalistic black and white logo design of a bat with a star in its middle.

insomnia bat logo design
A cute logo design of bat with a nice typography logo.

bat in colors
lines logo design bats
Another cool bat logo design made more attractive with the colorful lines.

batronox logo design bats
This is a logo design this is good for dynamic branding.

hurlbats bats logo design
A nice logo design of axes with their blades shaped like a bat’s wings.

bat business logo design
This is a creative design with the bat’s wings designed to look like letter B.

Rustic Dungeon
pizza logo design bats
This logo was crated for a pizzeria named Rustic Dungeon.

vampire bat logo design
Another design that combines wine bottles and wings of a bat.

bat woman logo design
This logo uses a negative space of the bat to illustrate a woman’s face.

bat logo writer design
A good logo designs for writers.

Bat Basketball
bat basketball logo design
This is another logo design for basketball.

grunge bat logo design
A nice logo design of a bat with a grungy effect for additional punch.

Menacing Creature
bat octopus logo design
This logo design has a cute illustration of a creature with bat wings and octopus body.

Bats Lacrosse 2
bat lacrosse logo design
A nice logo design with an added faded texture to boost its effect.

Bat Logo
minimal bat logo design
For those who are minimal-design lovers, this is a minimal design of a bat which looks great as a logo.

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