Do you want to become a freelance web designer? Well, if you really want to, there are many things that you need to do. Freelancing is really a good thing. It sounds really good to be your own boss, to work on anytime you want to, to earn merely from working home and the other advantages of freelancing. It sounds good to hear but is it easy to do that? If you are really determined to become a freelance web designer, no matter how hard things are, you will be able to do it.

Getting into a freelance web design is not a simple matter. One needs to do a lot of preparations in order to start one. That would include your skills and knowledge on web design. What you know at the moment still needs to be developed and enhanced through more learning. But aside from personal skills, you will need to prepare other things too. You have to work on your portfolio for this is important to get clients. Aside from that, here are the things that you need to work on in order to start your career as a freelance web designer:

1. Find a place to work.

Find a place to work

When you intend to start as a freelance web designer, think of a place to work. You can actually set up a work area in your own home. See to it that you will have good internet connection and you have everything you need there. You can also share an office with a friend who is also freelancing. There are already so many freelancers who succeeded with their work from having a workspace in their own homes. Just see to it that you are able to set boundaries so you can focus with work.

2. Know your start up cost.

Know your start up cost

Doing freelance web design would entail some expenses. Look into how much you will be spending for a domain name, hosting, printing business cards, getting new software and others. Knowing how much you will be spending will help you to determine how much you need to save and allocate in order to get started.

3. Create a pricing structure.

Create a pricing structure

Before you start with your freelance job, create a pricing structure. You have to know how much you will be charging for different web design jobs. Your price would depend on what the client needs and what they require for a website. Will you charge by hour or by project?

4. Prepare your computer.

Prepare your computer

Ready your computer for your freelance work. Make sure that it has enough memory to store all your important files. You can also upgrade it so that everything will run smoothly. Check on what software you need to install. Be ready with both your hardware and software for these would be your helping buddies when you start to work.

5. Prepare business documents.

Prepare business documents

You will also be needing business documents. Work on it before you get started. Create a draft of a contract where you can change the contents for every client. We have a Guide on How to Write a Web Design Contract to help you draft a contract.At least, you already have a draft and you will no longer be spending much time to work on it. Prepare your invoice, billing, project proposal drafts and letterhead. Getting ready with all these will save your time when you are already busy working on different websites.

6. Know where your clients are.

Know where your clients are

It is important to know where you can get your clients. You can find them on job boards. You can also get clients through social media and your blog. You can also try to look for clients locally. You should also prepare yourself to Meet the 10 Types of Clients you will meet in freelancing.

7. Prepare your tools.

Prepare your tools

Working freelance would be more successful if you use some tools. Of course, that would include the software you will use for your designs like Adobe Photoshop. Look for software that can help you make your work easier for invoicing, billing, time tracking, task management, project management and others. But do not be purchasing applications and software that you will not use because you will merely be wasting money if that happens. Choose wisely on what to purchase.

8. Create a web design workflow.

Create a web design workflow

To avoid many mistakes while working and to finish your output rightly, create a web design workflow. This will guide you on what you need to do first and what to task to do next. You will also be reminded of what you will need for every task. This can help you to create a good output with your step by step procedure. You can check on this Guide in Making a Web Design Workflow to help you create your workflow.

9. Determine your work stats.

Determine your work stats

Check yourself on how much time you need to work on a project. This will help you to determine if you can commit to a certain period of time the client wants. You can also tell him how long you can work on the project. Hence, you have to try working first before you actually work on a real project.

10. Establish your brand.

Establish your brand

Your brand would be very much important. Incorporate your brand to your online portfolio. Your brand would include your logo, your name, your choice of colors and even your usage of type. Use that brand to establish your name as freelance web designer. But more than that brand, your good customer service is more important. An exceptional service is the brand that will help you succeed.

It’s Your Turn Now

So, before you jump start into your freelance web design career, make sure that you have prepared the aforementioned things. Also, make sure that your skills are already enough. If not, you can look into some online tutorials and tips to improve yourself. You can also practice more in order to learn more. Are you into freelance web designing? What were the things you did in before you started?

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.


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