In freelancing, you would really get into negotiating. It is one of the important things that one needs to know in order to be a successful freelancer. The negotiating process is very significant to ensure the success of a project and also to make sure that business transaction would be good. Freelancers who do not have good abilities to negotiate should be able to develop that. Failure to have good negotiation will only lead to waste of time and money. There is also a great chance of failing freelancing.

You would not be able to appreciate freelancing well if you do not start a project well through negotiating. So, to help you, here are some things that you should do away from. These freelance negotiating mistakes are important no nos that you need to take note for this will only be possible hindrances for your freelancing success. Aside from freelancing mistakes that you should bear in mind, you also have to look into these freelance negotiating mistakes.

1. Allowing the client to control you.

Allowing the client to control you
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It is a big mistake to just let the client dictate on the terms of agreement. You need to negotiate for it. Remember that you know better on how the work process is. Your client doesn’t know that. The mere fact that he asked for your service is a clear proof that they do not know your field. So, negotiate and speak your mind. After all, you will be the one to do all the work.

2. Not being professional.

Not being professional
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You will surely loose a client if you do not act professionally. It is always important to be professional in every aspect of the business transaction especially during the negotiation phase. Act properly, wear the proper attire when you meet clients and use the proper words. Remember that it is a lot different to deal with a client than a friend. But you also need to be friendly.

3. Not having right details in the contract.

Not having right details in the contract
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Having a contract is important. This serves as a protection for you. So, when you are in the process of negotiating, be sure to bring the contract with you. Talk about your conditions. Do not forget to include the number of revisions, the payment terms, the penalties for late payment, the date of delivery, the project specifications and others.

4. Doing rush projects.

Doing rush projects

Some freelancers like to do rush work because the bill is immediately there and there is also a bonus. But the drawback is that you could commit mistakes while doing it. Also, the client will get used that you are always available for rush work. It will also be a disadvantage on your part for you will be doubling your effort and spending overtime to finish it within a short deadline.

5. Not being specific.

Not being specific
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It is important that you are specific when it comes to negotiating. Doing this will be an assured protection to both you and your client because when time comes that ambiguity arises, you will be able to clarify it. Make sure that you will be able to explain the design process in detail to the client so that you won’t have problems in the end.

6. Saying yes due to big payment.

Saying yes due to big payment
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Do not be attracted at once just because the client says he will pay you a large amount. Do not just say yes immediately. You have to look into the projects if the amount being paid to you is suitable to it. Consider the effort and time that you will need in doing the project. If you think that everything is fair, then accept it.

7. Assuming the client cannot afford to pay more.

Assuming the clients cannot afford to pay more
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The mere fact that they are asking you to do a project for them could mean that they can afford to pay you. So, instead of having hesitations, give the price they way it is. Then, if the client sees that it is beyond the limit of the project, he will just tell you. Do some further negotiation. Deal on the project scope and the amount it entails.

8. Taking a long negotiation process.

Taking a long negotiation process
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You and your client would be tired of this. So, minimize the negotiation process. You can do this by making things simpler. If you have a presentation regarding the project, present it in brief, straight and concise manner. Be sure also that it will be understood well. If you are only having contacts through email, send the presentation once only as an attachment and the process will be a lot easier.

9. Not being truthful.

Not being truthful
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Remember that you are negotiating. When you are in this process, you should see to it that you just do not nod at everything your client says. You have to tell the truth. Say no when you have to. Do not hesitate to do that. If you think that you cannot finish the project on the deadline, tell the client. Tell him everything that he deserves to know.

10. Changing rates or prices.

Changing rates or prices
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When you have given your rate already, do not keep on changing that. What you have said had been said. Stick to that. Do not be suddenly increasing it or lowering it. You will be unprofessional if you do that.

It’s Your Turn Now

When taken into account, you will be able to avoid those things stated above and you will make a progress in freelancing through good negotiation. Can you share to use your experience in negotiating with clients? What are other valuable things that need to be considered in order to avoid committing freelance negotiating mistakes aside from those mentioned?

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.