Photography has a wide range and it really doesn’t have much to exclude especially a couple of cute stuff. One of which are the so-called “Stuffed Toys“. These are toys children or even grown-ups would love to hug and carry everywhere. Most of these toys are made from cloth, there are those made from plush or some other textiles where straw, pellets or beans are stuffed into. They are meant to be cuddly amidst the size.Teddy bears are one of the most popular. And did you know that stuffed toys were first created in the year 1880? Yes indeed and it was Steiff who’s a German who started creating one. Such toy has already reached greater advantage not just to children but to designers and even in the field of marketing. Some companies would use them as a marketing strategy. This is also considered company or even product branding. Photography of course plays a big part in appreciating such cute stuff.

Making such toys is a Craft and taking photos of them is one good past time. Today, we share with you 40+ Photos of Cute and Cuddly Stuffed Toys in various designs and styles and of course, angles. They surely are adorable. This collection however will let us see the many types of stuffed toys from all around the globe and how expressive Photography can be. It may seem too childish or others may call it not a grown-up thing but we all have been through childhood or perhaps, you might even want to design your own toy. Browse through and have fun!

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Even Stuff Toys Need Some Love

Huggable Stuffed Toys
Image: evil-m0nkey
An example of a conceptual photo.


So! Cute Stuffed Toys
Image: shalalaShaani
The photographer’s cute bear stuffed toy.

Baby Bugs

Very Lovely Stuffed Toys
Image: Netti-Chan15draw
One cute Baby Bugs Bunny stuffed toy.

Story Time

Undoubtedly Charming Stuffed Toys
Image: Soumen Nath
A conceptual photo that has been inspired by Ankush Maria.

Portrait From Behind

Touching Stuffed Toys Photography
Image: Loren Zemlicka
The photographer’s second entry during the “Our Daily Challenge” photo challenge.

Pooh and Teddy

So Beautiful Stuffed Toys
Image: krizziademetilla
A good pair of bear stuffed toys.

APH Stuffed Hearts

Very Attractive Stuffed Toys
Image: lolitaMYangel
Little babies stuffed toys who took their time to stand before the photo was taken.


Creatively Made Stuffed Toys
Image: senbonzakura01
Yoshi is Super Mario’s green dinosaur.

Happy Bibu Teddy Bear

Very Pretty Stuffed Toys
Image: knitting dreams
A cute teddy bear personally made by Knitting Dreams.

Cute Stuffed Puppy 2

So! Adorable Stuffed Toys
Image: jimbobbillyjoejang
A cute stuffed doggy as a model for the photographer’s practice in taking efficient photos.

Mario and Luigi Plushies

Very Favorite Stuffed Toys
Image: w0ifdreamer
Plushies for two characters of a popular computer game.

Little Cat 5

Well-Loved Stufed Toy
Image: ThePudgyRabbit
A Nikon D5000 has been used to capture this photo.

Cookie Eyes

Undeniably Cool Stuffed Toy
Image: Piccolina Photography
Here goes a cute smiling chocolate cookie by the name of Chantal Chocolate with its cookie eyes on St. Paddy’s Day.

Stuffed Toy Frog in My Room

So! Cuddly Stuffed Toys
Image: kamomebird
The light and shadow in this photo is impressive.

Jaja, The Huggable Ninja

Lots Hardwork Stuffed Toy
Image: saplanet originals
About to be known as the Master Ninja of Stare.

Hi. I’m Rufus

Simply Fabulous Stuffed Toys
Image: lisakimberly.
The toy theme is what inspired the photographer.

My Growing Bee Family

Very Artistic Stuffed Toys
Image: adrenalyn-x
Bees made to look adorable as stuffed toys.

Precious Baby

In-Demand Stuffed Toys
Image: saplanet originals
A mother and child design made after a couple of years.

Stitch: Somebody Lost His Marbles!

So! Handsome Stuffed Toy
Image: mang M
Stitch is a disney character from outer space.

Amigurumi Stuff Toys

Very Funny Stuffed Toys
Amirugumi toys that has been released at Dillo’s Etsy Store.

Oopps! They Found it!

So! Much Emotion Stuffed Toys
Image: atsukoinn
Two little teddies conceptualized to fight over a bag of cookies.

Crowded Flower

Indeed Fascinating Stuffed Toys
Image: photo-cap
A concept of one lonely flower who’s trapped in the sea off its fellow brood.

In Stuffed Animal Marriage

Very Common Stuffed Toys
Image: MonkeyQueeen
A photo of two married teddies.

They Are All Happily Married

Eye-Catching Stuffed Toys
Image: saplanet originals
Dilian and Mayee wedding dolls.

Nothing Beats a Loving Life Companion

So! Captivating Stuffed Toys
Image: saplanet originals
It is indeed a blessing having a companion for life.

Chocoholic Panda

Great Style Stuffed Toys
Image: ipandas
A chocolate-lover panda.

Please Love Us

So! Playful Stuffed Toys
Image: pete riches
Toys abandoned by the roadside.

Welcome To Bokeh Wonderland

Excellently Awesome Stuffed Toys
Image: falk3n
With the use of bokeh around, fantasies may come true.

Forest Love Senders

So! Bubbly Stuffed Toys
Image: my little odd forest
A forest full of plushies.

Think Green

Very Clever Stuffed Toy
Image: applesrevenge
The toy’s message is for viewers to be happy.

Stuffed Rawr Thing

Horrible Stuffed Toy
Image: keswickpinhead
The stuffed toy is Domo.

Stuffed Toys Waiting To Be Sold

Simply Amazing Stuffed Toys
Image: iamphotokrazy
A photo of stuffed owls in a toy store.


Very Colorful Stuffed Toys
Image: moonlitdreamsx
A photo for a Theme Assignment in photography and the theme the photographer chose is about Stuffed Animals.

Pupsy on Westminster Bridge

Pretty Stuffed Toy
Image: _=Funk2000=_
The photo was taken with the Big Ben clock tower.

Now Don’t Be Scared

Adorable Stuffed Toy
Image: enricodl
The photographer’s message says that when one is facing a huge challenge, he should not give up but see the obstacles as cute monsters instead.


Huggable Stuffed Toy
Image: razor-bladed
The photo was taken in greetings for the upcoming New Year.


Strong Stuffed Toy
Image: Maria RestrepoC
A strong angry lifter.

Beasts of the Net

Sweet Stuffed Toy
Image: vincy-kun
The new tiger stuffed toy has been paired with another stuffed animal before it is given as a gift to a friend.


Thoughtful Stuffed Toy
Image: Suzannah Eller
A revised pattern of a sharktoplush made for a friend.

Can you recall your toy collection in the past? They’re still adorable, aren’t they? The appeal of these stuffed toys we also give credit to the designers. In this collection, which one do you think caught that child feeling in you?

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