Photoshop brushes have been an integral tool for many graphic designers around the world. By using with their creativity, skills, and techniques, they can get the most of these brushes and create magnificent effects to their works. As it is important to have the specific types of brushes that are needed for specific projects, we try to gather as much Photoshop Brushes that are free for our readers.

Today, we have yet another set of brushes for you to grab. Here are some of the Scale Photoshop Brushes that you can download for free. Scroll down and get the ones that you’ll need for your current or upcoming design. Come, take a peek, and choose your pick!

Arty Shrew’s Scales Brushes
arty shrew scales brushes free
This set includes 8 hi-res scale brushes for Photoshop.

Dragon Scales Brush Set
dragon scales brush set free
This free brush set includes 8 different dragon scales in ABR.

Scale Brush Pack FireAlpaca
free scale brush pack
This set includes 6 scale brushes for Photoshop.

Scale Brushes
free scale brushes
These 3 scale brushes were made in Photoshop CS6.

Scales Brushes
free scales brushes
A set of 17 Snake, lizard and fish skin textures and scale brushes for adding that reptilian touch to your images.

Reptile Scale Brushes
free reptile scales brushes
This is a big set that includes 62 brushes of various kinds of reptile scales.

Scale Brush Pack
scale brush pack
This pack includes 2 cool scale brushes for free.

Fish Scale PS Brush
fish scale brushes
This is a free and cool Photoshop brush that looks like fish scales.

Silky Scale Brushes
free silky scale photoshop brushes
This set includes 5 scale brushes that were made in Photoshop CS3.

Dragon Scale custom brush
dragon scale free brushes
This is a single dragon scale brush that is for Photoshop.

Scale brush
single scale photoshop brush
Another single scale brush that is free to use in Photoshop.

Fish Scale Photoshop Brush
fish scale photoshop brush
There are 3 high definition “Fish scale” brushes in this package.

Scale Brushes
free scale photoshop brushes
It’s a set of 5 different sized/width/length scale brushes, the one used in the preview is the smallest sized of the 5.

Scale Brushes 2
free scale brush sets
Here you have 10 various scale brushes for free.

scales brushes
scale brushes free
This brush pack contains 13 dragon scales brushes.

Scales Brushes
scales brushes set free
This set includes 11 scale brushes for Photoshop.

29 Scales Brushes For Photoshop
scales brushes photoshop
This is a pack of 29 Original PS Scales Brushes.

Scales brush set
scales brush set
All of these 3 brushes were made with Photoshop CS5.

Reptile Skins Brushes
reptile skin brushes free
This is a set of 18 scale brushes that are compatible in PS7 and later versions.

Eastern Dragon Scales Brushes
dragon scales brushes free
Another nice set of scale brushes for Photoshop.

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