Back in the days, we have featured a lot of amazing typography designs that have inspired and awed many viewers. Today we have yet another typography to show you! Although this set is different from the usual designs we have previously featured for you. This artist has a twist in his designs that will make your eyes fool you.

Tolga Girgin, a Turkish graphic designer, has created a series of 3D calligraphy wherein in the letters seems to just pop out from the paper. He creates these awesome calligraphies by using pens and pencils, shadow techniques and the right visual perspective. Scroll down and check out his works below. Come, take a peek, and be amazed.

home tolga girgin 3D typography

cut tolga girgin typography

thankyou 3Dcalligraphy tolga girgin

zigzag 3D letters girgin

pillar calligraphy tolga girgin

3d letters girgin

cream 3D typography tolga

3D lettering tolga girgin

music letters 3D tolga

tolga 3D typography

graphic 3D typography girgin

tolga calligraphy 3D

floating letters tolga

broken calligraphy girgin

shadow calligraphy tolga

pencil 3D calligraphy tolga

guitar 3D typography girgin

book 3D typography tolga

inspiration 3D calligraphy tolga girgin

What are your thoughts in Tolga Girgin’s 3D typography? You can share what you think on his works by leaving your comment below.

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Sarah Corres

About the author: A graduate of both Business Management and Nursing who simply chose to engage herself in Web and Graphic Design with that passion for art and writing.