Logos are associated with identity and branding. It is for this reason that its design should be well thought of. A great logo must visually represent the qualities of the company and grasp the attention of its onlookers.

To come up with a great design, it is important for a designer to have ideas and inspiration when working. If you’re low on both, we’re here to help you boost them up a bit.

Below we have a collection of snail logo designs that come in various purposes and styles. Scroll down and observe the techniques and details that were used in creating them. Share your pick of the litter on the comments section.

Play Snail

This first logo feature has a yellow theme design with a cute smile to it.
snail logo design


Quicksnail uses a rounded line designed to look like a snail moving in high speed.
fast snail logo

Green Spot

Green Spot has an adorable mascot design with the classic puppy eyes.
detailed snail design

Q Snail

Here we have a snail is designed to look like letter Q, visually representing the company name well.
letter snail logos


Snailcafe’s logo first looks like a cup of coffee. But if you look closer, it also looks like a snake.
cafe business logo

Quilter Snail

This logo has a decorative snail with a quilted shell.
quilt logo snail

Bobolo Gourmet

Bobolo Gourmet has a logo that uses a snail with a plate cover as its shell.
gourmet logo design

Snail Route Daycare

This cute logo is ideal for daycare, baby boutique, and other kid-related businesses.
cute snails logos

Hidden Snail

Hidden Snail is a simple, illustrative logo that can be used in branding or re-branding companies in various fields.
stunning logo design

Snail Donuts

The title of this logo is creatively represented by a snail with a donut as its shell.
donut logo template

Slow Sushi

Here we have another food-related logo that utilizes a snail.
food restaurant logos


Mailform is a web app for snail mail business with a snail logo in flat design.
flat mail brand

Snail Dental

This example shows a snail logo design combined with a toothbrush.
dental clinic identity


Here you have a clean and minimal concept of a snail for branding.
minimal clean logos


This design has a letter S repositioned and is added with a pair of antenna to look like a snail.
line design branding

Slow Coffee

This logo has a snail design with its shell looking like a coffee cup.
cafe branding design


The logo has a stylized snail to look more creative and artsy.
artsy snail design

Snail Speaker

Here we have a combination of a snail and a speaker.
word design logo

Snail VI

This logo is created for mailing companies and has a smart and charismatic feel to it.
snail mail branding


Here the snail’s shell is designed with swirl patterns.
swirl design branding


Snailtrip utilizes negative space design that shows a moon and a snail.
negative space design

Snailing Studio

This logo is designed for a startup videogames studio. It has some vibrant colors that showcase creativity and playfulness.
colorful logo display

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