Paisley is a droplet-shaped design which became very popular way back in the 18th to 19th century. Regardless of the time it came to fashion, it still managed to be popular in digital era as beautiful resources for graphic designs. Today, we can also mix an element of paisley with this freebie compilation just for you.

For this article, we have collected some of the most useful paisley brushes for Photoshop. You can now add some paisley feel to your designs by using these brushes that were made by different creative designers around the world. Scroll down and download these brushes for free. Come, take a peek, and choose your pick.

Paisley brush
Ornaments paisley brushes
This lovely brush set includes 10 high resolution Indian Paisley brushes. They are all hand drawn and can be used for your personal and commercial works.

Paisley Brushes
Hand drawn paisley brushes
These cute hand drawn brush set is a mixture of beautiful paisley and flower Photoshop brushes that you can apply for your personal use.

Hollow Paisley
You can create playful designs by using this sketchy paisley brushes that you can use for your personal designs.

Paisley Photoshop Brushes
Here is a beautiful set of 37 paisley Photoshop brush that are usable for personal works.

CU Funky Paisley Brushes
Funky paisley brush
This is a paisley brush set designed in impressive swirls and flowers and is ideal for any personal projects.

Paisley Sketches Brushes
Beautiful paisley brushes
Detail-filled paisley brushes that are beautifully designed to enhance our personal works.

Indian paisley with small paisley elements brush
A 22-brush Indian paisley set containing 3 main paisley and 19 small paisley elements that will surely add a terrific effect to your personal and commercial designs.

Decorative paisley brush
A set of decorative Photoshop brushes that has lovely paisley shapes and designs. You can use this for your personal projects.

Funky Paisley Brushes
These cool paisley brushes which have defined details can be used for your personal designs.

Paisley Doodles
Doodle paisley brush
This set contains creative paisley designs that can be downloaded in .abr and a series of .png files.

Paisley with small paisley decorative motif
A Photoshop brush set that consists of 13 paisley brushes that you can use for personal and commercial projects.

Paisley Square Brushes
Square paisley brush
A set of square brushes with paisley designs that can revamp your personal designs.

Paisley Parade
Paisley photoshop brushes
14 Photoshop brushes creatively designed with paisley shapes. They can be used with personal designs.

Paisley Brush
Sketch paisley photoshop brushes
A Photoshop brushes pack that contains several paisley brushes that are uniquely designed from each other and can be used for personal design.

Paisley Brushes
Beautiful set of paisley brushes with detailed and plain designs that you can use for your personal works.

Indian paisley and small decorative motif cs3
Photoshop paisley brush
A set of 19 paisley brushes that is applicable for Photoshop CS3 and later versions. You can apply this set for your personal and commercial use.

ScrappinCop Beautiful Paisleys
High resolution paisley brushes
These high resolution paisley brushes can be used for personal design projects.

Paisley Doodle Brushes
Doodle photoshop brush
These doodly set of paisley brushes are ideal for any designs. Usable for both personal and commercial projects.

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