In the time around 1960’s, artists were searching for new ways of expression and new forms of body painting. Thenceforth, many artists who are masters of body painting have created several artworks that will astound your eyes.

Today we have here another set of artworks, which is similar on our previously featured Body Painting. Both artworks are imaginatively and amazingly done, the only difference is on how each artist has put feelings into their imaginative thoughts. The artist on the last featured post used body painting in a form of fluorescent paints that makes his art to seemingly glow, while our featured artist for today will show us his distinct representation of body painting that will surely surprise us once again.

restless Craig Tracy featured

Craig Tracy is an artist by blood who was born and raised in New Orleans and is now an owner of a gallery of body painting. It was his intent to explore and expand his perceptions and boundaries of this most ancient, alluring, and contemporary art form. In most of his artworks, he is able to conceal the body making us believe at one glance, that we’re looking at a wide picture of abstract painting and not one of the human body. The most important part of the piece is his expert touch of paints and designs, and of course, an unbelievable imagination of the observers.

blossom Craig Tracy featured

flow volcano Craig Tracy featured

chic elephant Craig Tracy featured

feral leopard Craig Tracy featured

desire Craig Tracy featured

sanctuary Craig Tracy featured

The Spell
the spell Craig Tracy featured

whimsy Craig Tracy featured

True Nature
true nature Craig Tracy featured

gaia Craig Tracy featured

immaculate Craig Tracy featured

Las Vegas City
las vegas city Craig Tracy featured

engage Craig Tracy featured

utopia Craig Tracy featured

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