Have you seen these winged beings flying through a clear sky and felt envious. To imagine how they feel while soaring the blue skies. Birds are feathery, winged and really magnificent creatures. Around the world, they have thousands of thousands of living species that has unique characteristics from the others. Some vary in color, others in the beak appearance, and some in their skills. Not to mention some birds have the ability to speak, night-vision, and many more. But above all these, there is one thing human beings would love to have, and it is to fly and to feel free. This could be very much achieved through our free creative imagination. With the use of this, you have the power to do what you imagine soar high like these admirable living things.

For our next freebies, we give to you 40+ Free Spectacular Bird Wallpapers. In this post we included some of the most beautiful bird wallpapers that can revamp up your desktop. And to top it up, all of these following wallpapers are free to download for your pleasure. Come, take a peek, and choose your pick.

Colored Bird

Brown free birds wallpapers
A little brown bird with white-colored head standing on a grass
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Colored Bird Close-up

Solo free birds wallpapers
Another small bird doing an admirable pose for the camera
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Little Bird

Small brown free birds wallpapers
A cool brown punk bird with its head feather all spiky
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Ubuntu Birds

Flying white free birds wallpapers
A flock white birds in a blue sky surely gives some relaxation and feeling of hope
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Pink Hummingbird

Hummingbird free birds wallpapers
A beautiful humming bird hovering to a flower trying to get some sweet stuff
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The Couple

Green hummingbird free birds wallpapers
This wallpaper shows two green hummingbirds having some quality time together
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Vintage free birds wallpapers
A vintage-like scenery with a beautiful sight of a free bird soaring the sky
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Black bird

Black free birds wallpapers
An image of a cute rather than scary black bird having a pose
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Colorful little bird

Blue free birds wallpapers
A beautiful blue bird standing in a stunning background
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High contrast bird

Toucan free birds wallpapers
A fine-looking toucan bird in a minimalist wallpaper
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Birds in sunset

Orange sunset free birds wallpapers
A group of birds in an amazing smoky orange setting almost looks like the place is burning
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City lake swan

Swan free birds wallpapers
A swan strolling on a lake that has a beautiful view to the city
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Mocking free birds wallpapers
A mockingbird resting on a branch with white flowers
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Seagulls Attack

Seagulls free birds wallpapers
A high contrast image of a flock of seagulls freely flying on a blue sky
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Cute little bird

Red head free birds wallpapers
A cute brown bird with red color in its head
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Hummingbird close-up free birds wallpapers
A nice close-up shot of a hummingbird while flying
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Falcon free birds wallpapers
An amazing shot of a falcon while soaring the clouds in the sky
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Chickadee Perch

Small free birds wallpapers
A nice image of a cute little bird standing on a tree
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Greater Flamingos

Flamingo free birds wallpapers
A couple of flamingos searching for food
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Rainbow Lorikeets

Lorikeets free birds wallpapers
A lovable shot of a couple of colorful lorikeets
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Atlantic Puffins

Atlantic puffins free birds wallpapers
A pair of adorable atlantic puffins looking very identical
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Keel-Billed Toucan

Toucan free birds wallpapers
A close-up view of a yellow with a green-colored beak toucan
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Red and Green Macaw

Macaw free birds wallpapers
A magnificent photographic shot of a macaw flying proud with its wings wide stretched
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Scarlet Macaw

Scarlet free birds wallpapers
A nice tropical image of a macaw bird standing on a coconut tree
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The green parrot

Parrot green free birds wallpapers
A sweet picture of a green parrot peeping to your screen matched with a green background
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Lovely Swans

Swan free birds wallpapers
An image of a pair of swans taking a swim on a misty water
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Parrot free birds wallpapers
A beautiful scene where these four individuals stick together
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Soaring Gull

Flying seagull free birds wallpapers
An amazing shot of a flying seagull under a beautiful sky
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Funny free birds wallpapers
A funny yet impressive picture of a bird holding shut the beak of his fellow bird

Fly Birds

Hummingbirds free birds wallpapers
A remarkable high resolution shot of two hummingbirds gathering food from a flower

Unique Birds

Unique free birds wallpapers
A picture of two uncommon birds with beautiful colors of their beaks

Awesome Eagle

Eagle free birds wallpapers
A snapshot of an eagle, one of the world’s most amazing bird while proudly spreading its wings

Red Bird

Red free birds wallpapers
A red-colored bird standing on a branch with beautiful flowers


Cute small free birds wallpapers
An irresistible one-foot pose of a cute small bird

Parrot Close Up

Green parrot free birds wallpapers
Just a nearer view of our green parrot friend

Eagle Flying High

American eagle free birds wallpapers
Another stunning shot of the mighty eagle soaring high with its wings proudly spread wide

Fire and Water Elemental Birds

Illustration free birds wallpapers
An amusing image of fire and water birds conflicting

coloured birds

Illustration free birds wallpapers
A set of colorful bird illustrations that somehow demonstrate feeling of hope
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Inseparable Birds

Love free birds wallpapers
A pair of love birds that seems like chatting to each other
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Love Birds

White blue free birds wallpapers
Another pair of lovely birds having some fun
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Love birds

Parrot free birds wallpapers
A couple of parrots posing in a beautiful background
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pullup birds

Pull ups free birds wallpapers
A fun to look at birds doing an unusual pose
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Beautiful Birds

Cute small orange free birds wallpapers
A nice looking bird with an orange color on its chest
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Flight of birds

Black white free birds wallpapers
A monochromatic picture of birds flying in the sky
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Hopeful free birds wallpapers
A lovely wallpaper of two white birds in a light blue background
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Beautiful free birds wallpapers
An amazingly looking birds having a great pose
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together in all

Baby birds free birds wallpapers
A very cute “choir” of baby birds singing along together
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  1. Fire and water elemental birds,is this true or it is just from your imagination?
    I like how the designer illustrate it.

  2. They are amazing and colorful so attractive birds.
    Thank you for sharing.

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