Designing is a kind of job that requires focus and concentration. One has to make sure that his mind is on the right track while working to make sure that he will come up with the right design based on the client’s specifications. But is your office free of distractions that can let you focus to work? Or if there are distractions, how do you deal with them?

It would really be appalling if you needed to finish a project at once but you couldn’t do it since there are so many distractions around you. But you can actually do something about it. There are things that you can do in order to help you stay focused and block distractions at the same time. Here are some tips on how you can do that.

1. Deal well with interruptions.

Deal well with interruptions

There could be times that someone or something interrupts your work. Make sure that you do not give in. If someone comes near you and would try to start a chat, you stand up and tell your friend that you are busy at the moment and that you really need to finish what you are doing. You can always call them when you are no longer busy.

2. Be time conscious.

Be time conscious

While you are doing your work, make sure that you are also aware of the time. See to it that you will be able to finish a certain task on an allocated time. Doing this can help you block distractions since you will be focused on finishing your work on the time you have set. You will be determined to shut of any interruptions which can hinder you to finish on time.

3. Use headphones.

Use headphones

Covering your ears is a good way to block distractions. You can use headphones so you won’t hear noise. Play some good music that can keep you motivated to work. Doing this can also hinder you to join conversations which you hear from your workspace. This is one assurance that you will be able to focus in what you are doing.

4. Turn-off your email notifications.

Turn-off your email notifications

When you are working on something, you have to turn off your email notifications. This can help you focus on your task. If you won’t turn it off, there is a great chance that you will keep on checking your mail every now and then. This will surely consume much of your time. Instead of being productive, you will end up finishing only a small portion of your to-do list. Allocate time in checking emails. You can do that before you start working. Also, you can set a few minutes to check your emails during work breaks.

5. Avoid using social networking sites.

Avoid using social networking sites

Using Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites can surely be a great disturbance to work. You will be hooked in checking updates from friends and others. When you find something interesting, you will surely interact with them and end up wasting your time. So, do not sign in to any of your social networking accounts. You can do that after work. If you won’t be using the internet, you can turn it off while working. Plug it when you need to get some resources online.

6. Keep your workspace clean.

Keep your workspace clean

A clean workspace can keep you free from distractions. When your stuffs are kept well all the time, you do not have to keep them every now and then. Also, visual clutter is very distracting. It cannot create an environment that is relaxing and couldn’t make one concentrate to work. Keep all your things in a box or in a drawer. Do not be posting so many things on your wall, too. You can just leave a to-do list for the day, reminders and a picture that inspires you.

7. Keep your computer space clutter free.

Keep your computer space clutter free

Aside from cleaning your work space, you also have to see to it that your computer files are organized. Make it a habit to organize your files so that you do not have to do that while working. Also, it would be time consuming if you have to look for your files before you start your design work.

8. Only open programs that you need.

Only open programs that you need

When you are working, make sure that you will only open programs that you would be using. Close those that you do not need so you will not be tempted to use it. Same is true with using the internet. If you really cannot remove your internet connection’s plug, then, make sure that you close all sites that can consume your time. Open only those that are work related.

9. Follow a schedule.

Follow a schedule

Create a schedule which you will follow for your work. Then for each task, make sure that you will set a time for it so you will be disciplined to work based on it. This can help you to do away with any work interruptions. This will also keep you on track while working.

10. Post reminders.

Post reminders

Having reminders can also help you to work only on those tasks that you need to finish for the day. Aside from your schedule, post reminders of major tasks that you really need to do or tasks that you have to do in between your current work. That could be a phone call for a client or a follow-up on something. Posting reminders can make you see that you have much work to do and that you do not have time to entertain any type of distraction.

It’s Your Turn Now

Any type of work will be finished on time if it is done without distractions. So, make sure that you will be able to discipline yourself in your work. If you are working at home, you can check the Advantages of Setting Boundaries at Home for Freelancing. This can help you block distractions for your design projects at home. How about you, how do you block distractions so you can focus on your work?

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.


  1. awesome tips to work seriously and finish it fast because some time distraction become a big problem to complete work on time

  2. awesome tips to work seriously and finish it fast because some time distraction become a big problem to complete work on time

  3. That is so true! Distractions hinder the fast completion of work that is why we need to find ways to block them. Thank you! 🙂

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