Patterns can be great elements that can boost up the overall web design. Whilst they are utilized in various elements and sections, they are also popularly used as main backgrounds. Patterns may vary from a repetition of stripes or polka dots to an intricate combination of various objects, images, and colors.

If done right, patterns can make a website more appealing to our visitors.

In this article, we have gathered great examples of websites that utilizes awesome patterns. If you are planning to do the same but needs some ideas and inspiration, then you’re in the right spot. Scroll down and check theme all out below. Come, take a peek, and enjoy browsing.


Sway uses pastel color for a playful design with a pattern of “cut-out” teardrop shapes in the landing page.
pattern background website


Deutser showcases a mesmerizing particle pattern that is paired with parallax effect.
line pattern website


This website incorporates simple parallel line that gives a significant effect in the overall design.
dynamic pattern parallax


This red background pattern using various line icons that are related to your content.
shape pattern colors


Prizma has a fascinating effect with its background behaving like a kaleidoscope. Its pattern reacts with cursor movement.
fun pattern background


Delaneau is a very mesmerizing website mainly because of its landing page background that emulates a kaleidoscope.


This one has a fun background with colorful objects that floats randomly or purposefully by dragging them around the screen.
topography background site


Wiski uses a beautiful topography pattern as its website background.
background pattern websites


This website has a fancy dark background pattern of swirls branching out.
coffee background illustration

For Better Coffee

Here is a beautiful flat design illustration that showcases a symmetrical pattern of leaves and beans.
red pattern background


Freebies also uses parallax effect for the colored elements and a background of line icons for a clean look.
seamless pattern illustration

Spare Time

Spare Time utilizes a seamless pattern of illustrated background with flat design.
seamless yellow pattern


Furgoneta showcases a street-feel ambiance and its background helps a lot with its doodle designs in a seamless pattern.
vintage background website


Fornasetti is a browser game that has a bizarre set of background patterns in each level.
image background pattern


Moklami displays a clean background pattern using objects neatly placed in order.
kaleidoscope background

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