Our workstation is the place where we spend most of our time and it is undeniable that great ideas and improved quality and efficiency of our work will be brought out if we have a great working environment, particularly an organized and clean workstation. So in today’s post, we are showcasing great shots of workstations to inspire each and every one of us to make our workstation more comfortable to work at by redesigning its set up.

Take a look at how other people’s workstation look like through the photos below that were shared by them. Start your workstation makeover right now by creating a clean design for your working environment. Here are the 40 Inspiring Setup of Cool Workstations.

My Home Computer Workstation

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My Workstation: 2009-10-15

Workstation Improvisada

Mini Workstation

Dream Workstation

Workstation side

Workstation and desk

new Workstation

WorkStation At Home

My Studio Set Up

Multi Monitor Mahem

Final Workstation

Workstation Jan 11



Desk, Home - 04/24/2009

iMac 27

Workspace, middle of year


computer Workstation

Workstation 09.2008 - From left

my sewing/ computer workstation


The Workstation

Home Workstation: 5/15/08



Dream Workstation

Dream Workstation

Workspace pre-model

My new, even more awesome setup

My Workstation

Current Workstation

My Digital Workstation


My Workstation

Ronald Bien

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  1. wow these are much inspiring, though I’ve a good setup here but still I wish i could get one of them..

  2. What a lack of taste this time not inspiring at all a little disappointed i usually love what you post

  3. I get it, you have to create your own environment. Everyone is different in there creative space. Its not always about style, functionality can be key.

  4. Wow, amazing workstations, I really liked the second one, hope i would also have workstation like that one.

  5. Some of them great and inspiring, some of them. ouch, my back! I know what I am talking about, many years of sitting at the computer taught me to pay a good attention to how my back and arms are supported.

  6. Very nice workstations! I really use to have that workstation setup maybe someday. Great post! 🙂

  7. When you have multiple monitors you can arrange it in different ways…Good collection.

  8. WOW! Very clean and simple yet classic. Just how I love it.

  9. Inspiring? More, “People who know how to take a photo with the wires hidden or have figured out their graphics card can support more than one monitor”. Number of epiphanies: 0. Number of disappointments at yet more copy paste boring blog posts:1.

  10. I wish to have that kind of a work station in my home one day.

  11. Nice collections. Mine are not so good as theirs

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