In many countries, Easter is symbolized by the Easter Bunny or Easter Hare. In the legend, the Easter bunny -who sometimes is depicted with clothes- brings baskets filled with colored eggs, candy and sometimes also toys to the homes of children before their the holiday. Easter eggs are the most common and most popular goodies that signifies the easter holidays. Various activites are done during this season to fully experience Springtime.

Today, we are celebrating the Easter season with a collection of Easter Bunny and Eggs Inspired Artworks that will get you inspired. Check out these great showcase and let the child in you enjoy these inspiring artworks made by amazing designers. Cool interpretations of the cuddly easter bunny were made by the designers to bring light to a different personality of this great season. Happy Easter!!!

Return of Good Easter Bunny

good easter bunny
By: kidchuckle

The Incredible Easter

incredible easte
By: RobbVision

Zombie Easter Rabbit V Mon Egg

zombie easter rabbit
By: kidchuckle

Easter Egg

easter egg
By: kosal

Happy Easter

happy easter
By: cuson

Easter Bunny vs Evil Easter Bunny

easter bunny evil easter bunny
By: Vince Chui

Easter Hunt contest Entry

easter hunt
By: Mechanical2127

Easter Bunny

easter bunny
By: digital-pain-ter

Easter Hypnotizing

easter hypnotizing
By: Medhi

Easter Bunny Zombie

easter bunny zombie
By: Jira Jiramakorn

Easter Bunny

easter bunny
By: polawat

Not exactly the Easter Bunny

not exactly easter bunny
By: Rhazcrossbones

Easter Bunny Returns

easter bunny returns
By: HammersonHoek

Easter Day

easter day
By: nairchan

APH Happy Easter

aph happy easter
By: Zayrion

Happy Easter 2011

happy easter 2011
By: Witch85

Marvi Ocampo

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  1. Hah I’m loving it. I have always questioned the easter bunny traditions… very strange. South park had it spot on.

    Anyways very well written post. Beautiful artwork as well, full of talent!

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